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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.

Chauhan Jayesh Haribhai
Vadodara India
December 31 2000

this site is very good i think there is not any other holy or entertainment site as your site it is very very good thanks
Salem, Oregon U.S.
December 31 2000

I came to visit because my friends I met online wanted me to learn about their beliefs or just gain curiousity. I like the links to the many aspects of Hinduism.
Dipika Patel
Aberdeen Harford
December 30 2000

Jay Swaminarayana, It was a great pleasure while going through the web site. Infact i opened it only to view the latest photographs of swamiji's 80th birthday, but you havent updated it. But i have heard from one of my friend that she had seen some of the photographs of the Utsav of 4th dec.
Nilesh Maru
Mumbai India
December 29 2000

Sahjanand swami maharaj ni jai. It's a good site , no doubt about it.And I'm sure you can enhance its beauty by adding some recent live size photographs of Lord Swaminarayan.
Parag K Sheth
Ahmedabad India
December 27 2000

I am very much impressed that we as Indian has pure religeous web site and it gives peace of mind by visiting the same. I wish to know more about our temple at Auckland -- New Zealand.
Diwakara Arkachar
Houston USA
December 27 2000
Sir, I am trying to get the directions to the temple for several days. surprsingly, I found it frustrating to get any info on either the telephone no. or the directions to the temple at Stafford from this site. Some of the Indian freinds who have either gone to temple or heard of the tepmle just gave me the address as Brown Rd., exit on 59-S on Murphy Rd. I made 2 attempts and could not find the Brown Rd. at Stafford. As a courteous gesture to the God-loving people, is it possible to add the telephone number and the direction section in this web site. I urge that some important info like the one I have asked above will go a long way in improving the web-site.
Krutika Patel
london England
December 27 2000

Jai Swaminarayan After visiting this web site, i thought that it was excellant and that alot of hard work goes into making this web site. Many people will learn alot about the swaminarayan sanstha and i am sure that they will enjoy reading about the sansthat as much as i have. Jai Swaminarayan
krutika Patel
London Dalston
December 27 2000

I think that the web site is Excellent and that many people can learn alot about the sanstha. Every thing is given in great detail and is explained properly.
Atul H. Nagevadia
Ahmedabad India
December 27 2000
please add bhajans, aarti, prabhatiya in mp3 format in download section. Also add screen saver and desktop theme for computer users. Please place Audio & video file of blessing instead of only audio blessing Please make a CD of Bhajans in MP3 format, so we, computer users can listen bhajans while we are working on computers. Thanks
Bhowmik Dave
Charlotte Mecklenburg
December 26 2000
This site is GREAT!!! This site teaches me alot about Swaminarayan culture and history.
Nikesh Vaghela
Leicester United Kingdom
December 25 2000

Jay swaminarayan I am in the swaminarayan santhsa, since i managed to get time today, i managed to look at our santhsa's website and in my opinion it is very good for people who do not know about our santsha. Jay swaminaryan
Yashvant Patel
Glen Mills USA
December 25 2000

jay swaminarayan to everyone. thanks for information and photos of swamishri's 80th birthday and murti pratishtha mahotsav at anand. best wishes and prayer for swamshri's health.jay swaminarayan.
Gondalia Vijay
Mumbai India
December 25 2000

The organisation will bring peace in the world.without the contribution of this organisation the world will follow the rule of voilence. I'm greatly impressed by this organisation & would like to follow the organisation.
Kantilal Hiralal Mandalia Morrisville,Pennsylvania USA
December 23 2000

wonderful site. I'm highly influnced by your fact i am a very chust satsangi of swaminarayan religion and believe in pramukh swami maharaj.
Parimal Rathod
SIlvassa India
December 23 2000
Jai Swaminarayan, The site is very useful to keep in touch with the BAPS the one and only sanstha carring for the people. Suggession: Try to update the informations as quickly as possible
Samir Mehta
Jackson, Mississippi USA
December 22
This web site is the best source of Lord Swaminarayan and BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. It is the fastest way to check out what P.P. Bapa did previous day. It was nice experience to watch photos of all Jackson, Mississippi's Satsangies, who I meet every RaviSabha. Thanks to Saints who motivate Web developer to make it such an excellent website. Thank ya'll who contributed to make this site.
Sailesh Poojara
London UK
December 21 2000
Excellent presentation overall Few points for improvement: -Inroduce Frequently Asked Question, enables to learn more.. -Simplify language contents, enables better communication.. -Introduce Chapters on Spiritual Guidance, helps awareness.. -Give importance to all religions, defines impartiality.. -Swamijis thoughts, conversation updated, will inspire..
Pravin Tora
Edison USA
December 21 2000
Jay Swaminarayan To all web master of Thanks for satsang exam paper. It helps me in preparing well for the exam. Why do not you prepare question bank for satsang exam ? I sugest you that give more quiz on net for satsang and for Swamibapa from which every one get deep knowledge of satsang.
Anandkumar R. Patel
Newport News USA
December 20 2000
A culture and orginization with nothing but fruitfilled happiness is what these two God given, greatful eyes have been so fortunate to experience. Jay Swaminarayan, ANAND
Dinesh P. Patel
Houston USA
December 19 2000

This is very good web site, if it is possible, kindly use gujarati language so that everyone who don't know english, they can get benefit of this site.
A hmedabad india
December 19 2000

This is an excellent website. i like it very much. i want more photos of swamibapa. so can you help me. thank you.
Baba M Joshi
Bangalore India
December 19 2000

We can also include a Icon for Audio wherein if some one clicks that he views the list of our thousands of bhajans and he can also listen the selected bhajan. i feel this could be a unque feature.
Sima Ladwa
Corby, Northants England
December 19 2000
Ever since I have the factility to use the internet at work my first call of action is to visit BAPS website to read the daily calendar & digest Swami message. I thank everyone who has made it possible and has driven such an informing and given high profile to provide up to date news including Swamishri movements & events. Although satsang is widespread throughout the world, I always feel intouch. I particularly like and enjoy looking at the colourful pictures. Once again thank you very much and most appreciated for all the efforts!
Preston England
December 18 2000

we think that the site is brill and it's got really good pictures of swami in it "keep up the good work".
Shishir Kotecha
Rajkot India
December 18 2000
jay swami narayan , vandan to pramukh swami maharaj, kindly add your cards section connected with e mail facility to enable satsangis free e mail. thanks.
Ketan P. Detroja
Bangalore India
December 17 2000

I was, rather am, an APCian. I was staying in APC Nadiad. I have first time got the chance to visit our website. 'I think for remote place satsangies this is the fastest updating news about bapa and sanstha.'
Bhilai India
December 17 2000
i want all the information about each and every incident in aksharpurushottam sanstha.
Rakesh Patel
Boynton Beach USA
December 16 2000
This is the best religious site on the net. It is very informative and helpful for all of us part of the sanstha and to others who want to know about BAPS.
Vishal Jani
Ahmedabad India
December 14 2000

Best, The website of organization is best. But, can you display the futur programme of swamibapa ? It will be helpful to satsangis to know directly online where bapa is going to go. Regards, Jay Swaminarayan.
Divyang Patel
Edison USA
December 14 2000

i am very impressed by this website. a friend of mine recommended this site, very thankful to him. Jaiswaminarayan.
Ashish Patel
Redford United State
December 14 2000
hey, this website is really cool also it gives me information about what Bapa is doing, were he is, and it also gives me more information on the sanstha and its history. I learn so much whenever i go on to this website including the storys that are told on the tale of wisdom. I found it to be really very enlighting after visiting the site. Jay Shri Swaminarayan!!!!!
Pravin Tora
Edison USA
December 13 2000

Jai Swaminarayan Thank you very much for early uploading of Swamishri's 80th birthday. Picture quality is not good. All Section is very well maintian date wise.I like the announcement section and what is new section because what ever new news and uploading is mention in this section with section name. I like the essay.
Jetal Limbani
Leicester England
December 13 2000

Jai Swaminarayan to everyone, I would love if u would send me some phote gallery of the lord to put in my wallpaper screen.I have a few but I think new ones would be nice thats why am sending my email to u .This site is just the best it has every thing any one wants to know and for other people to have a look at too.I would be grateful if u would help me.
Navsari India
December 13 2000

Visited BAPS web-site after about three months... a long time... but it's a great experience to visit the site and to get the peace of mind too. have visited shri swaminarayan temple in london . no words to praise the temple... art,cultural heritage cultivation and murties of maharaj and all the gods... hats off...
Tushar .V. Patel
Broomall U.S.A
December 13 2000

This is the best webside on all of the internet. There is no other webside that you could benefit more from. I like to lisen some great bhajans it make me so happy and it feel really great and I feel swami around me. And I request to Bapa to keep there hand and blassing on me and my family all time.
December 13 2000

Jay Swaminarayan, "Bhagwan saunu bhalu karo", Everything in life happens for the best, God does everything for our own whether we like it or not...I visit this website twice a week and it makes me feel good everytime i visit it....I would like to see more pictures of Swaminarayan Bhagwan...
Vikas Patel
Chicago U.S.A
December 12 2000

Jai Swaminarayan I love the new delhi akshardham presentation. I enjoyed the photo. There is no other site that you could benifit from. Thank You Bapa.
Naval S Vithalani
Bombay Inndia
December 12 2000

Jai Swaminarayan, This is a great site....Best site on the net... and i think that by putting even the monthly Patrika on the net with free access to readers....will have a great and wider audience...especially in the USA and UK...
Grishma Patel
Baroda India
December 12 2000

jai swaminarayan All new photo work placed for Akshardham Delhi is simply womderfull. The great job done.... Not been to delhi to see akshardham but when i saw it here i found that i was within akshardham.
Dinubhai Dave
Ahmedabad india
December 11 2000

i have been seeing the web since long very interesing informative but updating regulaly will interesr more people see it the photographs take a lot of time but after channel conectio for iternet this will not be a problem i hope
Tushar Patel
St. Louis, MO USA
December 9 2000

This website is really informative and keeps me up-to-date on Swami Shree's daily vicharans and prasangs. The bhajans and the photo galleries are also excellent. It is good to know that we have such an awesome website, thanks to the BAPS web-development team. Jay Swaminarayan.
Bhoomi Desai
Ahmedabad India
December 9 2000

Jay Swaminarayana, Its was a great pleasure while going through the web site. Infact i opened it only to view the latest photographs of swamiji's 80th birthday, but you havent updated it. But i have heard from one of my friend that she had seen some of the photographs of the Utsav of 4th dec. All of us (family) are watching your site regularly. Anyway, the website is excellent.
Dubai UAE
December 9 2000

i am greatly fond of would be realy wonderful if we could listen the bhajans while we are visiting the web site so that we could be engrossed in the murti.
Kunal Manani
Ahmedabad India
December 7 2000
Beautiful and best of all the spiritual sites I have ever seen! Specially Bapa vicharan is quiet informative....loads of spiritual information and photos of bapa make it the most best the any site on this planet!!! Jai Swaminarayan!

Pravin J Patel
Md Bolivar TN 38008

December 5 2000

this is an exellent organisation dedicated to religious and humanitarian causes. iwas in chicago in october this year in swamibapa,s seva. i was greatly impressed by his divine speeches. to him my lakh lakh vandan. ihope to have his divine darshan again very soon. the haveli in chicago is out of this world.iam very excited tobe part of this greatest religious sanstha.
Deepen Patel
London England
December 5 2000

Jai Swaminarayan Hi I am from London Kishore mandal i would like to say this site is great and keep up the good work. Do you think Bapa's birthday in Anand was great or what.
Nairobi Kenya.
December 4 2000
Make this more public.On live progms show this site on the screen
Kamal Fatania
London England
December 3 2000
This is an excellent website, which gives satsangis an opportunity to keep up to date with swami's activities. Also the website is useful for other vistor's because it explains everything about BAPS in detail. Jai Swaminarayan
Binit Y.Patel
Ahmedabad India
December 2 2000

i like the website WWW.SWAMINARAYAN.ORG very much.i open it is the best way to do the DARSHAN of SWAMI BAPA.i am swaminarayan.i am the child of 'SAHAJANAND SABHA'.i love my sabha.i like the photos of the Site because the are shown very clearly.ok that's all.
Nimisha Kotecha
London England
December 2 2000

i have visited the site, it's an excellent site and when you are working in a stressful environment, visiting this site relieves your stress and gives you strength to overcom the stress. Jai swaminarayan
Minesh B Patel
Wanakbori India
December 2 2000
I am Swaminarayan yuvak.i like to visit this site but i want to see more pictures and videos of Bapa. can you help in it.thanks

Dickinson United State TX
December 1 2000

Jay Swaminarayan I really like this web page. I like the presentation about maharaj and guru. This web site is awesome. JAY SWAMINARAYAN

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