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Bhagatji Maharaj a Pictorial Presentation
Glory of Pragji Bhakta
After Gunatitanand Swami had passed away and returned to Akshardham (in 1923 CE),
Pragji Bhakta continued to spread the true knowledge of Akshar and Purushottam.

On a visit to Petlad, Pragji Bhakta, together with a group of sadhus and devotees, were the guests of the Rao Saheb. The Rao Saheb's senior bodyguard was a Muslim and a great aspirant. He offered his respects to Pragji Bhakta, who then talked to him about the four types of Satpurush. As Pragji Bhakta discoursed, the bodyguard experienced divine peace. At the end he commented to the sadhus and devotees, "You are all fakirs of Khuda (servants of God) and he (Pragji Bhakta) is Khuda himself. Therefore, even if he beats you with a cane or throws shoes at you follow him wherever he leads you."


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