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Ekadashi is a sacred day, occuring twice a month in the Hindu calendar - on the eleventh day of the bright half - called Shukla Paksha and on the eleventh of the dark half called Vad Paksha (Padma Puran, Uttar Khand 36/5/80). A fast is to be observed on this day by all Hindus.

Story of Ekadashi
In Vachanamrut Gadhada II. 8. Bhagwan Swaminarayan has related the story of Ekadashi:
"Once Bhagwan Narayan was resting. A demon named Murdanav came and challenged Him to a duel. Suddenly a damsel appeared, evolved out of the Ekadash indriyas of God. [The ten indriyas (sense organs) comprise the five karma indriyas (mouth, hands, feet, anus and genital organs) and five gnan indriyas (eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue). The ten indriyas along with the mind are collectively known as Ekadash indriyas.] Murdanav was so attracted to this damsel that he asked her to marry him. The damsel agreed, but only if he agreed to a duel with her, "Whoever shall defeat me shall marry me." Blinded by passion, he fought with her. The damsel killed him. Pleased with her, God granted her a boon. She asked, "O Prabhu! As I have manifested from your Ekadash indriyas, let my name be Ekadashi. I am wedded to tap (austerity) and I desire that people should observe the Ekadashi vrat (fast) and control their Ekadash indriyas on this day. Bhagwan Narayan agreed."
Ever since, Hindus fast on the eleventh day of sud (shukla) paksha and vad paksha of the month.

Ideal Ekadashi
In Vachanamrut Gadhada I, 38, Bhagwan Swaminarayan has elaborated that a true Ekadashi is when one withdraws the ten indriyas and eleventh - the mind, from their worldly 'foods' and focuses them on God and devotional activities. So moderation in daily leisure activities is desirable.

Ekadashi Observance
During Ekadashi, a waterless fast is ideal. However those unable to fast may take liquids, or if needed farari foods. Such fasting a Hindu tradition to please God, by controlling and curbing one's desires. Fasting once a fortnight eliminates the body's toxins and wastes. In turn this clears the mental apparatus, enhancing mental clarity and meditation. A clogged system leads to mood swings, malaise, laziness, lethargy and unhealthful oversleeping. Medical researchers do advocate fasting, on an average of once a week. Novices to fasting may initially experience headaches or/and nausea. These tend to clear up with regular fasting.
Farari foods include tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, carrots, turnips, suran - (a type of yam), dairy products, fruits, nuts, some vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes) and special type of grains (moraio, rajgaro). One can use all spices to prepare the farari foods i.e. salt, chilly powder, black pepper, turmeric, etc.

Nom, Ekadashi and Punam List, 2008 Vikram Samvat 2064-65
January 4 Magshar Vad 11 Safala Ekadashi (fast)
January 17 Posh Sud 9 Nom
January 19 Posh Sud 11 Putrada Ekadashi (Fast)
January 22 Posh Sud 15 Poshi Purnima Gunatit Diksha Din
February 3 Posh Vad 11 Shattila Ekadashi Fast
February 15 Maha Sud 9 Nom
February 17 Maha Sud 11 Jaya Ekadashi Fast
February 21 Maha Sud 15 Punam Maghi Purnima
March 3 Maha Vad 11 Vijaya Ekadashi (Fast)
March 15 Fagan Sud 9 Nom
March 17 Fagan Sud 11 Amalki Ekadashi (Fast)
March 21 Fagan Sud 15 Pragjibhakt Jayanti Holi
April 2 Fagan Vad 11 Papmochani Ekadashi (Fast)
April 14 Chaitra Sud 9 Swaminarayan Jayanti Ramnavmi
April 16 Chaitra Sud 11 Kamda Ekadashi (Fast)
April 20 Chaitra Sud 15 Punam Hanumanjayanti
May 2 Chaitra Vad 11 Varuthini Ekadashi (Fast)
May 13 Vaishakh Sud 9 Nom
May 15 Vaishakh Sud 11 Mohini Ekadashi (Fast)
May 20 Vaishakh Sud 15 Punam
May 31 Vaishakh Vad 11 Apara Ekadashi (Fast)
June 12 Jeth Sud 9 Nom
June 14 Jeth Sud 11 Bhim Ekadashi (Fast)
June 18 Jeth Sud 15 Punam Vatsavitri Vrat Purn
June 29 Jeth Vad 11 Yogini Ekadashi (Fast)
July 11 Ashadh Sud 9 Nom
July 14 Ashadh Sud 12 Devshayani Ekadashi Chaturmas -
July 18 Ashadh Sud 15 Guru Purnima Vyas Purnima Gauriv
July 29 Ashadh Vad 11 Kamika Ekadashi (Fast)
August 10 Shravan Sud 9 Nom
August 12 Shravan Sud 11 Putrada Ekadashi (Fast)
August 16 Shravan Sud 15 Raksha Bandhan Akshar Purnima
August 27 Shravan Vad 11 Aja Ekadashi (Fast)
September 9 Bhadarvo Sud 9 Nom
September 11 Bhadarvo Sud 11 Jaljhilni Ekadashi Vaman Jayanti
September 15 Bhadarvo Sud 15 Punam Pratiprada Shradh
September 25 Bhadarvo Vad 11 Ekadashi(Fast) Yogiji Maharajnu
October 8 Aso Sud 9 Nom
October 11 Aso Sud 11 Pashankusha Ekadashi (Fast)
October 14 Aso Sud 15 Sharad Purnima Gunatit Pragatyot
October 24 Aso Vad 11 Rama Ekadashi (Fast)
November 7 Kartak Sud 9 Nom
November 9 Kartak Sud 11 Prabodhini Ekadashi Tulsivivah P
November 13 Kartak Sud 15 Punam, Dev Diwali Gurunanak Jaya
November 23 Kartak Vad 11 Uttpatti Ekadashi (Fast)
December 7 Magshar Sud 9 Nom
December 9 Magshar Sud 11 Mokshad„ Ek„dashi (Fast), Gita J
December 12 Magshar Sud 15 Punam
December 23 Magshar Vad 11 Safala Ekadashi (fast)

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