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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Prayer for the Persecutor

While accompanying Krupanand Swami, Gunatita-nand Swami and other sadhus arrived at the village of Juna Savar on the banks of the river Shetrunji. There were light showers of rain. The sadhus started begging for alms in the village. The ruler of the village was the Kathi Darbar, Uga Khuman. He was opposed to Satsang because of his exposure to hostile words uttered by ascetics. When he came to know that some sadhus of Swaminarayan had come to his village, he ordered his men, “Drive the sadhus away. Tell the children to hurl dung and stones at them so that they never again set foot in this village.”
Under the orders of Uga Khuman, his servants stopped the sadhus from collecting alms, and ordered them to leave. As the sadhus began to leave, the servants made children hurl dung, stones, etc. at the sadhus, and also beat them. However, the sadhus did not utter a word nor did they wish any ill.
Krupanand Swami, Gunatitanand Swami and other sadhus, who harboured no enmity and would not even hurt an ant, came out of the village chanting the name of Maharaj and sat under the shade of a tree on the river bank. How great was their tolerance! Words may be tolerated; but how could such humiliation and physical violence be tolerated?
Gãlidãnam tãdanam cha krutam kumati bhirjanaihi,
Kshantavyameva sarvesham chintaniyam hitam cha taihi.
“When the wicked insult or beat them, the sadhus must forgive them and wish them well.”
- Shikshapatri: 201
These sadhus observed this order of Maharaj fully.
People of the village, who were on their way to fetch water, saw this. So they talked among themselves, “The Darbar is so cruel that he has insulted these poor sadhus by driving them out of the village. It is thus obvious that God would not give him a son.”
The sadhus heard this. Swami thought that the ruler was hostile out of misunderstanding, and so asked the others to make a resolve that he be blessed with a son who becomes a satsangi and invites them to the darbar. Krupanand Swami and other sadhus liked this idea very much. So, together they prayed to Maharaj. All the sadhus were happy to note Swami’s pure intentions. In this way, after blessing Uga Khuman, the group of sadhus left for another village.

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