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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Great Glory

In 1855 CE (Samvat 1911) Acharya Raghuvirji Maharaj had organized religious discourses at Vartal during the holy months of chaturmas. Groups of sadhus and devotees were invited from all over the country. Swami was also specially invited from Junagadh. On this occasion, Swami talked for about four-and-a-half months on Maharaj’s true form as Purushottam and also denounced indulgence in sense pleasures. Some people did not like these stern talks of Swami, so Shuk Swami was made to address the assembly for some time. But Shuk Swami’s voice was soft and he talked about the philosophical aspects of the shastras, so not all were interested in them. Meanwhile, Shriji Maharaj gave darshan to Raghuvirji Maharaj in a dream and said, “Why have you detained Swami here? If you wish to listen to his talks then keep him here, otherwise let him go to Junagadh.”
So the next day Acharya Maharaj issued a mandate, “Only Swami will address the assembly and those who do not like it can go on a preaching tour to the villages.”
Shuk Muni also offered his apologies to Swami and said, “I had sat here on the request of others.”
On this occasion, Swami talked about ekantik dharma and the supremacy of Maharaj. As a result of the discourses, devotees came to know the glory of Maharaj as well as Swami. After this event a belief spread that Swami was the incarnation of Aksharbrahma.
During the last few days of his stay in Vartal Swami also discoursed on the first floor of Acharya Maharaj’s residence. Once, after reading Vachanamrut Gadhada II-9, Swami said, “According to this Vachanamrut it should be considered an abuse to Maharaj if he is equated with other incarnations, such as, Ram, Krishna, etc. But all this is very difficult to understand by oneself. The fact that Shriji Maharaj is Purushottam himself and he is the cause of all the incarnations can only be understood if explained by the great (Sadhu). No one can vie with Purushottam. So apart from the murti of Shriji Maharaj, remove everything else from your heart.”
On hearing this Shuk Muni said, “Maharaj had addressed this Vachanamrut to me, but only today have I understood the correct meaning of it. I had not understood it till I had climbed the stairs to this first floor.”
On hearing this Raghuvirji Maharaj smiled. Then, according to the wishes of Swami, he instructed Achintyanand Brahmachari to write a shastra describing the supreme form and divine exploits of Shriji Maharaj. With the blessings of Swami, the Brahmachari composed the wonderful scriptural text, called the Harililakalpataru.
After celebrating the festival of spring at Junagadh, Swami began his excursions in Sorath and arrived at Maliya village. He was accompanied by a large group of sadhus and devotees. Swami discoursed even while he walked. When they arrived near a neem tree in the village square, they found Rama Hati sitting there. Swami addressed him, “Rama! If ladoos and sata-jalebis are offered to a lion would it eat them?”
He replied, “No, Maharaj, it is not its food; it would eat only its food.”
Then Swami said, “If the animals do not eat human food, how is it that human beings eat the food of animals! So is it proper for a human being to eat forbidden food and consume forbidden drink?”
Rama Hati indulged in all these forbidden things. But these piercing, logical words of Swami penetrated through to his heart. Swami’s glance illuminated his heart. He folded his hands and said, “Swami, I shall henceforth abstain from all these things.” He took a pledge, accepted vartman from Swami and became a disciple.
After some time, Swami arrived at Vartal for the festival of Chaitra Punam. Nobody had forgotten the spiritual bliss that they had enjoyed for four-and-a-half months the previous year. As a result of that, this year innumerable devotees had flocked to listen to Swami’s discourses. Swami also delighted them with his spiritual talks.
After the festival, when Swami was about to leave for Junagadh, Raghuvirji Maharaj invited him to join him in his carriage. Swami joined him in order to please him. Then Raghuvirji Maharaj offered him a pendo. Holding the pendo in his hand, Swami said, “Five hundred paramhansas are holding me by the throat and saying, ‘Don’t eat that, it is poison.’ ”
Raghuvirji Maharaj then said, “Swami, if you live (with such intense detachment) like this, what will happen to us? Our attachments have not yet been overcome.”
Hearing this, Swami said, “Hand over your charge to Bhagvatprasadji Maharaj and come to Junagadh as a pilgrim. I’ll melt your base nature. If I do not melt your base nature and make you gunatit, then I am not Gunatit.” In this way, Swami gave a promise.
Hearing this Raghuvirji Maharaj said, “Swami, I am not Raghuvirji if I don’t come as a pilgrim to Junagadh.”

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