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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

An Obstinate Jiva

As a result of the spiritual association of Swami, many devotees were inspired to renounce the world and feel that the material pleasures are worthless.
Vasta was one such devotee. He was the son of Hansraj Patel of Bhayavadar and used to pay regular visits to Junagadh to remain in the company of Swami. He would remain absorbed in the spiritual discourses of Gunatitanand Swami, and a divine joy would spread on his face. But Swami would send him back to Bhayavadar. Again he would run away to Junagadh. Once, his father came to take him back, but he refused to go and expressed a desire to become a sadhu. Hansrajbhai was shocked to hear this. Although he himself was a sincere devotee, he did not like the idea of his son becoming a sadhu. He had cherished a desire to engage him in worldly affairs. So he was upset and told his son, “I don’t want you to become a sadhu. It would put the family to shame.” Finally, he took Vasta with him by force.
This time he locked him up in a room in his house with a heavy piece of wood tied to his leg. Vasta remained indifferent and chanted ‘Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan’. Suddenly Swami appeared before him. Vasta requested him to take him to Junagadh. As a result of Swami’s blessings he was unfettered and he followed Swami and reached the mandir square of Junagadh in the morning. Here he saw Swami in person, prostrated to him and began rendering service.
In the morning when Hansraj opened the room he found the lock intact, but Vasta missing. Hansraj went straight to Swami in Junagadh. Swami tried to coax him by saying, “Let Vasta worship God. You have three other sons and if Vasta worships God, you will also benefit.”
Hansraj was shocked. He put up many excuses, saying, “Vasta is already engaged to be married, and the family prestige would be damaged.” On the other hand Vasta was also very firm. Swami again tried to reason with Hansraj by saying, “What would you do if Vasta dies?” But Hansraj was resolute in taking his son back home.
In the morning when he was ready to take away Vasta with him he came to know that Vasta had a high fever from the previous night. Within a short time Vasta died and Hansraj returned home dejected. In this way Hansraj Patel saw the consequences of his obstinacy and non-compliance.

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