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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Samadhi to Tulsi Dave

After celebrating the festival of Chaitra Punam on 14 April 1862 CE (Samvat 1918), Swami arrived at Botad. Swami heard the purani, Tulsi Dave, reading from a shastra and was pleased with him. Swami invited him to Junagadh. On his way to Junagadh one of the devotees asked him, “Tulsi, do you feel anything?”
He replied, “When I was at Botad, there were many thoughts in my mind; now all of them have stopped by being with Swami, and there is sheer bliss within.”
After reaching Junagadh, Tulsi Dave asked Swami, “Swami, will you help me master ashtang yoga.”
Swami, than replied with a smile, “The final fruit of ashtang yoga is samadhi. You’ll be graced with it.”
Next day, Swami made him sit in meditation. By the grace of Swami he experienced samadhi. In the state of samadhi he first saw the six chakras in his body; then he accompanied Swami on a journey through archimarg – beginning from the brahmarandhra. He also saw the realm of Prakriti and Purush.
From there he followed the divine and luminous figure of Swami and saw Maharaj seated on a divine throne in Akshardham. Maharaj was surrounded by innumerable muktas. He could not recognise them, but by the grace of Maharaj he could identify Shivlal Sheth of Botad, Raghuvirji Maharaj and Gopalanand Swami. He went right up to the third step of Maharaj’s divine throne. By the wish of Maharaj he asked six questions. Maharaj revealed the answers to him. Then he asked the seventh question, “Every one addresses Gunatitanand Swami as Akshar, so what should one understand?”
Maharaj asked him, “Do you want to see?”
He nodded. By the grace of Maharaj, he then saw bright light emanating from the murti of Swami as if that light was holding Maharaj and all the muktas, in the form of an abode. He also saw Swami in the form of a sadhu attending upon Maharaj. He then realized the true identity of Swami.
After waking up from samadhi, all the natural calls of his body disappeared and he attained the niravaran state. Even if he was locked up in a room he could get out. He remained in the niravaran state for about 12 months. After that, Bhaga Doshi called him to Botad, hence, Swami also withdrew his grace.
In this way, he made his devotees experience such a state of samadhi, which is difficult to attain even for the yogis.

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