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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Purifying Influence of a True Sadhu

Vagha Khachar of Sarangpur was called an incarnation of the Sun-god. He used to stay with Maharaj for long spells. When Swami visited his residence at Sarangpur, he asked Swami a question, “Swami, in the Vachanamrut Shriji Maharaj has said that the root ignorance due to base instincts cannot be eradicated without meditating on God and obeying his commands. I have remained in the company of great sadhus, still at night I have dreams in which I see myself fighting in battles and losing my limbs. If that subtle attachment with the body in the dreams is yet not removed, when will the causal attachment of the body be removed? And unless that attachment is removed, how is it possible to transcend to Akshardham?”
Swami then replied with a smile, “Vagha Khachar! If you wish to remove attachment for the subtle and causal bodies, then come to Junagadh. I’ll remove them totally.”
So Vagha Khachar went to Junagadh with Swami and, through his blessings, developed faith in Swami’s true identity. Thereafter, his attachments to the subtle and causal bodies were removed. He constantly enjoyed the divine bliss of Brahma in his heart.
Dharmaswarupanand Brahmachari of Vartal was a contemporary of Maharaj. Once, Swami came to Vartal from Junagadh. Knowing Swami’s greatness, he folded his hands and requested, “Swami, desires for taste do not bother me but other desires trouble me. So, kindly do something to remove them.”
Swami then replied with a smile, “Out of the thirty virtues of a sadhu you have mastered one and twenty-nine remain to be mastered; come to Junagadh, I’ll help you to attain them.”
Who can utter such words unless he is a God-realized Sadhu? One who is God-realized can make others so. By the company of Swami, Dharmaswarupanand Brahmachari also attained realization. In this way Swami made everyone who sought his refuge experience his glory as Aksharbrahma by removing their deficiencies and making them brahmarup.
Similarly, there was another devotee of Amdavad, named Pitambardas. He formerly held a good post in the Collector’s office in Surat. But he was full of desires for material pleasures. He wore fashionable clothes, sprayed perfumes on his clothes and body, and chewed twenty to twenty-five pans everyday. But once, when Swami had come to Surat, he was moved by Swami’s discourses. He developed a strong desire to remain in the company of Swami, become free of material desires and attain the brahmic state. He conveyed his wish to Swami. Replying to him Swami said, “You dress like a harlot and are full of worldly desires so how will you be able to remain in my company?” But, eventually, after repeated requests, Swami told him to come to Junagadh.
He left his job and went to Junagadh with Swami. Here, Swami addressed him on talks from the Vachanamrut about becoming brahmarup. Swami showed affection towards him by remembering him often and giving prasad. Soon, Pitambardas developed attachment for Swami and began to change as a result of Swami’s company. In this way, Swami enabled him to experience the brahmic state. After Swami’s departure to Akshardham he settled at Amdavad and talked convincingly on the divine knowledge he had attained. Pleased with this, Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj asked him to renounce the world. He immediately became a sadhu and was known as Vignandasji. By the grace of Swami he pleased everybody at the Amdavad mandir by his constant spiritual discourses.

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