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Code of Ethics

The Shikshapatri, a sacred book of ethics, was written by Lord Swaminarayan in 1826 for the good of mankind. Its 212 spiritually potent verses in Sanskrit convey the rules of conduct for all disciples, be they householders, rulers or ascetics. It preaches the basics of hygiene, meditation, respect, spiritual company to the highest ideal of realizing oneself as atma and offering devotion to God. Its guidelines on other aspects of life, namely, familial, financial, managerial, social, and ecological has made it into a perennial guide for all seekers of truth.
The Shikshapatri is the quintessence of all scriptures. Lord Swaminarayan exhorts in the Shikshapatri, "Those who shall observe strictly the rules of ethics as prescribed shall derive happiness here and hereafter, and those who wantonly transgress them and behave wilfully shall suffer great distress here and in the life hereafter" (Shloka 8, 9).


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