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BAPS Rehabilitation Work
Earthquake Victims Rehabilitation Project
Inspirer: HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj

Past major relief activities by BAPS:
Latur earthquake 1993
Kachchh cyclone 1998
Orissa cyclone 1999

Dedication ceremony of Narayannagar village 25 May 2002 Photo Gallery
Village Narayannagar, Ta. Nakhatrana, Dist. Kachchh
Inspired by : HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj.
Adopted by : BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha
Sponsored by : People of USA
Dedication Ceremony on 25 May 2002

The Village :
Imagine a small village in a remote corner of Kachchh, away from the main land and with history dating back to 250 years. The villagers, over generations silently kept pace with the changing times and technology, showing their grit and determination to win over any odds. That was village Jiyapar, destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 2001, rehabilitated as Narayannagar.

The villagers consider it as God's blessings on them that although over 300 houses were destroyed or damaged, there was not one human casualty as the people had gathered in the village school's ground to celebrate Republic Day.

Some Interesting Landmarks :

1963: People of Jiyapar had water at their doorstep and it was the first place in Kachchh to get such facility instead of stand posts unlike Bhuj, Mandvi, Anjar.
1972: A Cooperative Society is formed to cater to their common needs like seeds, fertilizers, crude diesel oil or even finance.
1976: The village successfully rescinds government orders of land acquisition for afforestation and grows fodder for their livestock instead.
1978- 80: Continuous droughts forced the youngsters of the village to migrate to Gulf. At one time, 185 youths from Jiyapar were in the Gulf.
1980: Gulf migrants donate one month's salary to electrify their village.
1983: New technology was brought to Jiyapar with the introduction of monoblock and submersible pumps. There was a variety in the crop pattern viz. wheat, bajra, cotton, castor, vegetables, banana.
1987: Ex-students of Jiyapar donate funds and build the village's own school.
1999 - 2000: Six check dams are built to recharge subsoil reservoirs.
2001: Local people plan to build their own community hall. The opening ceremony was fixed on 17.05.2001……….
But the earthquake destroyed everything and shattered their dreams.

Details of Narayan Nagar :
Narayan Nagar: 32 Kms from Bhuj
Population: 285 Houses with 1650 affected people

Composition Of Population :


Fact Sheet - Construction

Total Land Area 32 Acres
Total Court Yards 21
Total Houses 285 : Type A: 43, Type B: 173 Type C: 69
Main Road 1500 Mts. (Coal tar surfaced, Paver finished)
1700 Mts. (WBM or Murram surfaced)

Fact Sheet
- Timeline
Foundation Ceremony 30 June 2001 Allocation of land and governmental procedures took some time. No sooner land for the new village was allotted, Bhumi pujan was performed on 30.06.2001
Construction Work Started August 2001
Dedication Ceremony 25 May 2002

Fact Sheet - 112 Houses

Plot 16 m. x 25 m. = 400 sq. m. 12 Mt. x 20 Mt. = 250 sq. m. 100 sq. m.
Built up 54.08 sq. m. 43.20 sq. m.  
Actual 50.00 sq. m. 43.20 sq. m. 30.00 sq. m.
Front 7.20 m. 7.20 m.  
Sides 9.20 m. & 6.0 m. 6.00 m.  
Accommodation 3 rooms, kitchen, toilet, veranda 2 rooms, kitchen, toilet, veranda 2 rooms, toilet, veranda
Total Houses 43 173 69

Infrastructural Amenities In Narayannagar
1) Main Entrance Gate

  • The traditional entrance gate is 24' high and 31' wide and welcomes all visitors. It has two large donation plaques in black granite with gold-leafed letters, one in Gujarati and another in English which gives the details of the village, the Inspirer, the sponsors, inauguration and other data.

2) Community Hall

  • A multi-purpose hall is designed to conduct all big or small functions in this village from a birthday party to a marriage function or even a social meeting of the village residents.

3) Panchayat Ghar

  • The administrative house is another very important village need where public, community and governmental affairs will be carried out for the well-being of the villagers..

4) Primary Health Centre

  • The Primary health centre will cater to the medical needs of the village.

5) Sahakari Mandali Godowns

  • The village people are very active on cooperative fronts. These godowns will help proper storage of seeds, fertilizers, crude diesel oil and other commodities.

6) Socio Spiritual Cultural Centre

  • This spiritual 6000 sq. ft. complex will be used for festivals, celebrations and annual rituals.

7) Village Library

  • This will be situated within the socio spiritual cultural centre with 10,000 books to start with. It will be the beacon of spreading good reading habits in the neighboring villages as well.

8) Water and Sanitation

  • An overhead tank of 80,000 liters capacity is connected to each house of the village. Adequate pressure is ensured by the gradient of 25 to 40 feet due of the hilly area and thus eases distribution of water. Water is available in plenty all round the clock. Each house and building is provided with a soak pit for sanitation purpose as per requisite norms.

9) School

  • The existing school building which was damaged due to the earthquake was repaired by BAPS.

10) Roads

  • The village has 1500 mts of coal tar surfaced, paved and finished roads and 1500 mts of WBM and murram roads. Main Road from the entrance is well connected with side roads, connecting the entire village. Tree plantations at a regular distance of 10' along all the roads help bring down the temperature of the place as also provide serenity to the mind.

11) Electricity and Street lights

  • Each house is equipped with adequate electrical fittings, fans and fluorescent lights. The main road and all side roads are provided streetlights.

12) 'Pramukh Upvan' and Plantations

  • Each house has a minimum of twelve trees in its courtyard. All the roads have trees planted at a distance of 10' with areas earmarked for clusters of trees. In a sprawling 12-acre area, about 8000 different varieties of trees will be planted. The villagers have taken a vow to depute one person per house for minimum two days to tend the trees of Pramukh Upvan, situated between Dhrabuva hill and another unnamed hill.

13) Check Dams and Reservoirs

  • Four check dams are planned to trap rain water falling on the two hillocks. In addition, two reservoirs are planned at the bottom of the hills to get total water storage capacity of 70 lakh liters.

14) Total area under irrigation

  • Village Narayannagar has total 3200 acres arable land; whereas the total water quantity planned (70 lakh liters) will cater total 8000 acres. The surplus water will cater the needs of six neighboring villages who will also be benefitted from Narayannagar's water reservoirs.


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