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Satsang Shibirs
20 April to 23 June 2002, India

Satsang ShibirsFrom 20 April upto 23 June, over 36,700 devotees participated in a series of Satsang Shibirs. Held in 28 different towns and city suburbs, a total of 78 shibirs provided valuable guidance on how to strengthen individual and family satsang values and commitment. Attendance at various locations was as follows:

Places No. of devotees
Amdavad 2,596
Anand 695
Atladara 3,594
Bhadra 297
Bharuch 1,105
Bhavnagar 1,289
Bhuj 172
Bochasan 6,154
Gadhada 1,221
Gandhinagar 677
Gondal 818
Himatnagar 426
Jamnagar 581
Junagadh 800
Khedbrahma 425
Mahesana 857
Mumbai 2,942
Nadiad 471
Navsari 684
Rajkot 1,100
Sankari 1,835
Sarangpur 1,780
Surat 1,520
Tithal 2,894

Each shibir was attended by on an average of over 450 men and women devotees aged between 25 and 55. Spread over two days, devotees received 15 hours of enlightening and inspiring satsang guidance from senior sadgurus and other sadhus. From 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., a well-planned and goal-oriented schedule provided devotees with guidance and motivation on topics such as, daily personal puja, mansi puja (meditation), thal, arti, listening to spiritual discourses, and many other important topics essential in the practice of daily satsang.
A survey after each shibir revealed just how genuinely motivating and enlightening these shibirs were. At the end of each shibir, devotees voluntarily pledged to undertake and observe extra niyams and make satsang a more integral part of their daily lives.
The figures below show the pledges undertaken by the devotees:

  Pledge No. of devotee
1. Daily Mansi Puja 11,769
2. Not to watch TV 4,790
3. Not to go to the cinema 5,277
4. Not eat out 5,228
5. Observe ekadashi 8,184
6. Recite the shlok ‘Shrimad..’ before eating 11,841
7. Regular reading of Swaminarayan Prakash 5,235
8. To sit for at least first four satsang exams (upto Pravin) 1,948
9. Visit nearby mandir twice daily for arti 3,049
10. To read one Vachanamrut and five Swamini Vatus daily 4,820
11. Daily ghar sabha 12,035
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