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Student Shibirs 2004
6 May - 7 June 2004
Gujarat, INDIA
Between 6 May and 7 June 2004 over 6700 selected yuvaks and yuvatis from throughtout Gujarat participated in 13 regional Student Shibirs held at Bochasan(3), Amdavad(2), Tithal(2), Vidyanagar(2), Gondal, Gadhada, Sankari and Navsari.

Each Shibir was of two-and-a-half days duration and was centered on the theme: 'Agna and Upasana'.

Inspiring speeches were given by the sadhus on topics such as: Necessity of Niyam-Dharma, Small Niyams but Big Benefits, King of all Niyams - Brahmacharya, Supreme Shri Hari, Ocean of Vitures - Swamishri, Attachment to Guru, and others.

Through audio-visual presentations, involvement games, quizzes and discussions the messages of the central theme were explained to the students.

Also a special samuh puja session was held. The students were given basic yoga training by experienced practitioners. At the end of each day a short questionnaire tested what the students had learnt throughout the day.

Before departing on the final day all students pledged to observe two new niyams, such as:
to bow to parents daily, not to watch TV or cinema, not to eat out, to apply tilak-chandlo daily, to sit for the Satsang Examinations, etc.

In this way the students made constructive use of their summer vacation time and were motivated to lead more disciplined and spiritiual lives.

© 2004, Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, Swaminarayan Aksharpith