Guru Purnima Celebration
Bochasan, India
18 July 2008


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Over 30,000 devotees attended the Guru Purnima Celebration in the presence of Pramukh Swami Maharaj in Bochasan on 18 July 2008.

The celebration assembly began at 8.00 am with dhun and bhajans. Thereafter senior sadhus - Ishwarcharan Swami, Doctor Swami and Mahant Swami - spoke about how to offer devotion to guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj by obeying his wishes and realizing his spiritual purity.

Thereafter, children, teenagers and youths performed a traditional dance honoring God and guru. Then Swamishri was honored with garlands by the senior sadhus, on behalf of all devotees worldwide.

Finally, blessing the assembly Swamishri talked about the four endeavors of human life - dharma, artha (prosperity), kama (desires) and moksha (redemption) and the need for satsang in attaining them.

The celebration assembly concluded at 11.50 am.

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