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Far East Bal-Balika Satsang Shibirs
December 2004 - January 2005

Entitled “Pillars of Faith”, special shibirs were organized for balaks and balikas of Australasia in the presence of six BAPS sadhus. The shibir focused on two pillars that help to strengthen faith in God.

The shibirs were held separately in three locations – Auckland, Sydney, and Perth. Dates and attendance figures are as follows:

Total attendance
December 30-31, 2004
January 8-9, 2005
January 20-21, 2005

The shibir was organized by the sadhus with the assistance of the bal karyakars from each of the local mandals. Through lectures by sadhus, group discussions, workshops, games, and audiovisual presentations, the children and youth learned a great deal. Many took vows to give up meat, bow down to their parents, study harder, start regular satsang reading, and more.

The topic of the first day was Satsang. It gave balaks and balikas an introduction to the importance of Satsang in their lives as well as teaching them the basics of Satsang. Balaks and balikas learned about arti, thal, dandavats, darshan, and seva. They then took part in activities and games which reinforced these concepts. They also learned about basic niyams such as daily puja, ekadashi, tilak-chandlo, bowing down to parents and the importance of ghar sabha.

The topic of the second day was Sanskar. The first session taught balaks and balikas the importance of being the best in both studies and satsang. Attendees also discussed the obstacles to becoming the best. After a session of practical service, balaks and balikas learned about the need for service in one’s life. They also learned about why one should be a pure vegetarian, avoiding meat, seafood, eggs, onions, and garlic.

On both days, attendees took part in activities and sports such as board games, soccer, and cricket.
Everyone felt the shibir was a memorable and motivating experience.



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2005, Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, Swaminarayan Aksharpith