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Satsang Shibirs in Perth and Adelaide, Australia

7 and 14 June 2010


A one-day Satsang Shibir themed “Chaar Vaat Jivanu Jivan” was held at the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Perth on 7 June and at the University of South Australia in Adelaide on 14 June, respectively. The Shibirs focused on the Satsang topics of Agna, Upasana, Suradhbhav and Ekantik Ma Priti, which were presented through the various speeches, video presentations, discussions and question-answer sessions.

Over 200 people took part in each of the shibirs and were inspired to take individual and family pledges such as daily puja, satsang reading, daily chesta, ghar sabha and teaching bal sanskars. All were inspired to live value-based lives, strengthen their personal satsang and help to preserve Indian heritage and culture.

The Yogi Jayanti Satsang Sabha was held in Perth on 6 June focusing on “Sanskruti”. Vivekpriya Swami spoke on the roles of Sadhus in preserving Hindu culture and how Yogiji Maharaj’s life was an ideal example of tolerance, simplicity and saintliness.

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