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Satsang Shibirs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia

September 2011  

During a satsang tour of the Asia Pacific region from 29 August to 2 October 2011, BAPS sadhus conducted satsang shibirs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia, and satsang assemblies in the Philippines and Thailand. The one-day shibirs were based on the theme “Spiritual Quotient – Vidyanam Adhyatma Vidya” and focused on spiritual intelligence as the supreme knowledge. The participants learnt about the importance of emotional quotient, prayer, faith, positive thinking and daily rituals through lectures, group discussions and video presentations. The shibirs, in the presence of Jnanpurush Swami and Adarshmuni Swami, shed light on how to apply spiritual principles to help in the turmoil of daily life. It was an enlightening experience and infused a sense of pride in all the participants. The sadhus also conducted spiritual assemblies and house visits in Manila and Bangkok and celebrated the Jal Jhilani Festival in Hong Kong.

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