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A Unique Musical Production

Saturday 10 April 2010

A multi-media musical production composed specially for the two-day conference formed the highlight of its opening session.

The 75-minute theatrical production took the audience on a thrilling journey through space and time as they travelled across the four Hindu yugas (eras or ages) – from Satya-Yuga, Treta-Yuga and Dwapar-Yuga, to the present day in Kali-Yuga.

The journey began by meeting ‘Jilmil’ and ‘Timtim’, two stars who had descended upon Earth to learn about Hinduism and how, specifically, women have been empowered by Hindu values.

The two stars time-trotted through each yuga, introducing the audience to female exemplars of astounding faith, wisdom and devotion.

First they met sage Matreyi of Satya-Yuga and learnt of her untiring quest for the highest spiritual wisdom.

Then followed Treta-Yuga, where they admired Shabri’s enduring devotion for Shri Rama.

In Dwapar-Yuga, they bowed to Draupadi’s unfaltering faith in Shri Krishna and witnessed the indomitable power of prayer.

Finally, in Kali-Yuga, they saw Mirabai’s soulful devotion to Shri Krishna, Jivuba’s unswerving faith in Bhagwan Swaminarayan, and like that of other devotees of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, Rudki’s lofty righteousness amid the most challenging of times.

Technically and theatrically, it was a flawless performance, with flowing moves and seamless transitions that left the audience spellbound and riveted to their seats.

Stunning costumes, visual backdrops and special effects all combined with enchanting music and choreography to vividly introduce these inspiring Hindu women of the past.

Deservedly, the over 180-member cast and crew received a resounding standing ovation from the audience at the end.

Click here to see the musical’s programme guide.