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Divine Memories 2003

 Morning Puja,Charlotte, NC  Group Discussion with Pujya Amrutnandan Swami,  Charlotte, NC  Divine Memories,  Charlotte, NC

December 25-27, 2003

On December 25-27th, 2003, kishores from all over the Southeast Region gathered in Charlotte, NC for a Regional Get-Together in the presence of Pujya Saints. Since the kishores are busy throughout the year with school and work, it is hard to keep in contact with fellow kishores and keep updated on activities going on in our region. Therefore, a Get-Together like this helps kishores to remain unified with one another and up to par with regional on-goings. Unlike regional shibirs in the past, the format and environment of this Get-Together was very informal putting emphasis on kishores having fun along with learning.

With the arrival of Param Pujya Pramukh Swămi Mahărăj in 2004, it was important that kishores become prepared for all of the on-goings in the upcoming year. The main method behind accomplishing this preparation was through Goshti. Throughout the Get-Together, P. Santos conducted Goshti sessions, such as “Endeavor”, “Making the Most of Lăbh”, and “Prăpti no Kef.” Following the Goshti sessions, the kishores answered few questions as reflection to the Goshti for them to retain more from the Goshti and understand it better. Along with Goshti, kishores also participated in dining activities, samuh pujă, sevă, and a 30-minute dhoon for Swămishri’s health. All attendees were also informed in details about Satellite Programs in the region, Swămishri’s vicharan, and progress of the new regional Shikharbad Mandir in Atlanta.

The highlight of the Get-Together was when the kishores were able to enjoy themselves during an afternoon of Bowling. All the attendees were able to relax as well as bond with other kishores. In order to keep a divine atmosphere while bowling, kishores also enjoyed devotional kirtans playing in the background of the alley. Overall, all the kishores who attended this Regional Get-Together walked away with a positive and refreshing experience.

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