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Swamishri in a cheerful joyous mood

A yuvak poses a question to Swamishri

Swamishri and yuvaks


Tuesday, June 1, 2004

    In this world, many people wish to do as they please, but on Yuva Din, with a theme of “Aap Rizo Em Raaji,” Yuvaks and Yuvatis wanted to show that they would conduct their lives in a manner that pleases God and His saint, and find happiness in their happiness.

    During the morning sabha, senior saints relayed their personal experiences with Pramukh Swami Maharaj and explained different ways of pleasing Swamishri. For example, they explained that Swamishri is pleased with those who are firm in Agna and Upasana, those who use their intelligence, those who rely solely on the power of God and those who strive for self-realization.

    The evening cultural program expanded upon this theme by discussing the obstacles that come in the way of pleasing Swamishri. In an age and country where young adults are readily drawn by bad company and peer pressure, it is easy for someone to stray from satsang. A drama performed by Yuvaks discussed this very phenomenon, expressing the story of one Yuvak who felt uncomfortable coming to the Mandir because he had been away from satsang while in college. Swamishri answered his fears in his blessings by saying, “God and His saint are compassionate and forgive our mistakes. The mandir always welcomes one and all.”




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