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Shri Akshar Purushottam Maharaj

Swamishri releases balloons to start off Yuvak-Yuvati Din

Yuvaks invite Swamishri to the Yuvak-Yuvati Din Evening Assembly


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Yuvaks were waiting outside of Swamishri's utaaro at the very beginning of the day to be the first ones to greet him on Yuvak-Yuvati Din. Throughout the rest of the day, they organized various activities to make this day special and provide themselves with memories to last a lifetime.

    After Swamishri had darshan in the Mandir, he released balloons to officially inaugurate Yuvak-Yuvati Din, after which yuvaks sang various kirtans during Swamishri's puja. A special morning assembly was arranged for them, in which Pujya Doctor Swami offered his words of wisdom.

    The highlight of the evening assembly was a drama performed by the yuvaks entitled "Brahmanand Darshan." In this drama, they highlighted Sadguru Brahmanand Swami's unique qualities, setting him up as an example for all to follow.

    The first surgeon to perform a heart transplant came to visit the Mandir on Yuvak-Yuvati Din. He addressed the evening assembly and then greeted Swamishri.

    In his blessings to the assembly, Swamishri first praised the devotion and seva done by the Yuvak Mandal. He also stressed the importance of katha-varta in addition to seva, saying that without the understanding and knowledge provided by katha, ego will come in the way and one will be unable to perfect one's devotion.




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