Janmashtami Celebrations by North America's Mahila Mandal
August 29, 2008

The North American Mahila Mandal celebrated Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Krishna at all mandirs across North America.

The celebrations commenced with dhoon, prarthana followed by devotional kirtans accompanied by classical Indian instruments. The audiences were taken back in time as the skits based on the theme of the program ‘Premini preet, Bhaktini reet’ demonstrated the unconditional affection and devotion of the gopis.

The young women and girls performed beautifully choreographed dances adding rhythmic flare to the festivities. In addition to this many centers also performed Raas-garba and Kirtan Aardhana.

The grand finale was ‘Janmotsav’ – rejoicing the birth of Shri Krishna as the child form of Shri Krishna was cradled in a decorated cradle and devotion songs filled the air with happiness.