Yuvak-Yuvati Shibir

August 4, 2008



August 4, 2008
USA & Canada

During the Summer and Fall of 2008, yuvaks and yuvatis came together in their respective regions throughout North America to participate and learn from this year's shibir. The shibir's principal focus centered on the theme 'Samjan' or Understanding within Satsang. Over the course of 2 - 3 days, the core theme of Samjan explored different aspects of satsang and life to help yuvaks achieve balance, understanding and progress.

P. Acharya Swami, P. Aksharcharan Swami, P. Dharmaraj Swami and P. Priyaswarup Swami particularly scheduled their vicharan through North America to attend these shibirs. Among the many topics presented were Fostering Appreciation for One Another, Understanding God's Divine Form and Developing Understanding of Satsang. What stands apart is the practical manner in which these santo effectively illustrated these topics in Satsang as a primary focus, at home within a family unit, and at work for one's career.

In addition to thought-provoking discourses, unique forms of media and presentation were used to add to the dynamic nature of the shibir. Presentation forums such as panel discussions on ghar sabha, question/answer sessions with sadhus, and dramatizations depicting the necessity of morality in life added unique flavor and insights to the shibir experience. Furthermore, team-building activities and sporting events promoted an environment of camaraderie, open dialogue, and knowledge exchange between various participants. The shibir proved to be helpful in the overall development and progress of yuvaks and yuvatis.

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