"Samjan" - Satsang Shibirs in North America
September 15, 2008



Satsang shibirs with the theme “Samjan” were organized at 25 centers across North America during summer in the presence of P. Aksharcharan Swami, P. Acharya Swami, P. Priyaswarup Swami and P. Dharmaraj Swami.

Devotees from nearby centers came to the shibir location to attend the 2 day shibir which had discourses on how Samjan (Understanding) is required for a devotee in all walks of life. Various topics on Samjan like understanding our upasana, understanding our guru and understanding each other were presented. These topics explained the importance of having the right understanding for our spiritual progress.

The shibir also included case studies and workshops to offer practical guidance. The workshop on Gharsabha explained why it is important to incorporate Gharsabha in our lifestyles to increase unity within the family, improve communication and progress in satsang as a family. The attendees felt that by taking part in the shibir their knowledge of satsang principles had deepened and their faith in God had been consolidated.