Swaminarayan Jayanti Celebration by North America Mahila Mandal
April 26, 2009


Bhajans, dances, skits, and multimedia presentations always add a celebratory touch to any assembly. Add tremendous enthusiasm, excitement, and an atmosphere charged with devotion and you get one of the most highly anticipated festivals of the Swaminarayan Sampraday - Swaminarayan Jayanti. The North American Mahila Mandal celebrated this auspicious day along with Ram Navmi at all of its centers during the month of April.

Young girls introduced the theme of “Harijan Sangathe Kidhi Saachi Sagaio Raj” by singing a medley of shlokas followed by dhoon and prarthana. Various skits and speeches followed, highlighting the numerous ways in which Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Bhagwan Ram showed their love for their devotees as well as demonstrating the caliber of female devotees who earned Bhagwan’s raajipo. Discourses addressed the bond Bhagwan forms with His devotees, including all that this relationship entails. Be it for protection from evil or from the bondage of Maya, once Bhagwan holds a devotee’s hand, He never lets it go. Concluding the assembly were folk dances as well as Swamishiri’s video blessings.

Brilliant performances by the young girls, youth and even the elderly women kept the atmosphere of devotion and celebration enjoyable while affording a closer look at the compassionate nature of Bhagwan Swaminarayan as well as the virtues of a devotee worthy of such compassion.