Janmashtami Celebrations by North America's Mahila Mandal
September 26, 2010



The birth of Bhagwan Shri Krishna was celebrated with great devotion by ladies wing across North America during the month of September, 2010.

The celebrations began with a presentation narrating the challenges of life and how we like a pendulum swing between happiness and sadness. How could one achieve stability in the midst of this imbalance? The program that followed had the answer.

The theme of the event "Yogkshem Vayamayham" was presented very uniquely in the form of a 'Bhakti Dyaro'. Dayro is a Gujarati folk narrative song. The Bhakti Dyaro was full of kirtans of Shri Krishna, stories of Mirabai, Dhraupadi, Krishna & Arjun and video presentations.

The young women and girls performed beautifully choreographed dances adding rhythmic flare to the festivities. In addition to this many centers also performed Raas-garba.

The finale of the evening, marking the birth of Shri Krishna was celebrated with the arti followed by the swinging of the cradle by all the devotees, with the traditional devotional singing of 'Sona-na bol jhule Nand-kishore'.

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