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The Inspirer and Present Guru of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha

He has a heart wherein the whole world can live

After You, My Lord:

"God cannot be seen like that. You have to keep faith in the words of the spiritual master and exert yourself spiritually. I can see God Himself within my guru. Is there anything more to be said? God may come before us in any form He pleases to!" In 1994 a teenager in London asked, "In the midst of so much activity how do you remain so fresh." Swamishri quietly answered, "Whatever I do, I do because I have been so commanded. The responsibilities are not my burden but God's. Whilst so serving I constantly remember the image of Maharaj and Swami." The teenager had not expected such a revealing answer. Swamishri did not often speak in such a manner. His words provided an insight into his spiritual consciousness. He was teaching the ideal method of serving Maharaj and Satsang. Remain within His commands, forget not the divine image and believe Maharaj to be the all - doer, this would help to remain humble. It was when the 'I' and 'My' arose that tensions started and one forgot God and the spiritual master. A devotee in Bochasan innocently asked, "Swami Bapa, all day long you patiently meet with devotees and listen to their tales of unhappiness and problems. When do you do bhakti?" Swamishri was amused. He laughed and answered. "I perform bhakti continuously, without break. Every moment I think of Maharaj and Swami, and along with that I also serve society in this manner. I have come to distance the distress of those who are unhappy." The devotee had had a shallow concept of devotion as being limited to attending arti or doing puja or turning the rosary. He learnt that the highest devotion was an unbroken communion with God, and that Swamishri possessed this. In 1977, in London, the children persuaded Swamishri to fill in a personal data form. Next to hobbies, they pressed him to write 'cricket', bearing in mind his interest in the sport as a child. Instead, Swamishri chose to write: Worshipping God and inspiring others to do likewise. In Anand During 1987 whilst on a visit to a doctor's surgery, Swamishri wrote a recommendation for the doctor's young son on a prescription pad: Devotion to God - daily.

* * *
London 15 May, 1994 David, his twin brother Daniel, and Richard had come from Sussex especially to meet Swamishri. They are disciples of 'Godavari Ma' of Nasik, India. Swamishri asked their reason for coming. David began, "Four days ago, you appeared to me in my dream. You explained to me what Nirvikalp Samadhi is. You even blessed me with a brief experience. Does your Nirvikalp Samadhi stay 24 hours a day?" Swamishri said frankly, "We walk, we talk, we do everything - but we keep God with us. So yes, it does." David asked, "How can I achieve that?" "By the Guru's grace," Swamishri said instantly. "You can achieve it by being faithful to the Guru's command." The aspirant Englishmen returned many times over the following months to see Swamishri. On 10th September, they told the sadhus, "Many times Lord Swaminarayan and Pramukh Swamiji have given us darshan in our dreams."
* * *
The climb to Kedarnath at over 12,000 ft. was arduous. The narrow track that trailed up the mountainside was slippery with mud and loose stones. To the left the valley dropped several hundred feet into the river that almost bounced down from glaciers above the Kedarnath temple. The sadhus had begun trekking at the very first sign of sunrise. The morning was wet and misty and it remained so throughout the day, clearing only briefly to give a flash view of the brilliant mountains rising in the not to far distance. Swamishri had been carried up in a carrier made by inserting strong sticks through the supports of a deck chair. It was a 28 kilometre round trip. By four in the afternoon darkness was falling with a light rain. By five, it was almost dark but most of the sadhus had returned. They were dangling their feet in the hot water spring at Gauri Kund, the little shanty village that served as a base camp. The spring had been excavated hundreds of years ago to form a square pool about 25ft. across and 15ft deep, with steps leading down. The water welled up from the ground, releasing steam that hung heavy in the air. A low drone filled the area as the sadhus crowded into the small area, wanting to relax aching limbs and bones by soaking in the water. A loud 'Jai' signalled Swamishri's arrival. At his age the doctors had advised against the climb. The thin altitude, the weather and strain were all bad for his heart. But he had been undeterred. This was a pilgrimage so how could he back out due to a little body difficulty? Lord Swaminarayan had climbed to Kedarnath as a twelve year old after leaving home. Swamishri intended to follow and worship at the sacred shrine. The doctors did not press. They realised that it was Swamishri's devotion and reverence for holy places that was propelling him. If he wanted to go they would let him. And as his servants they would do everything in their power to make his journey safe. They thus had taken with them medical kits and oxygen bottles. Swamishri had surrendered to the will of Harikrishna Maharaj. He was not worried in the least, but appreciated the concern everybody felt. Nothing unto do had happened. Swamishri was helped off his chair and led to the Kund. The sadhus jostled for a better darshan. Swamishri descended several steps, with a bare body. An attendant had taken his shoulder cloth. He said, "First let us bathe Harikrishna Maharaj. He must be tired." Harikrishna Maharaj had been carried up to Kedarnath by a sadhu. The water was hot so Swamishri had cold water brought and the two mixed. For the next ten minutes he carefully bathed the Lord, rubbing and massaging His every tiny limb, helping Him to relax and enjoy the warm water. The sadhus watched on, singing Vedic mantras. They felt their own devotion increasing just by watching the perfect devotee, their spiritual master, engross himself in serving the Lord. The mood was reverential. Other pilgrims stood behind on tip toe watching the entire scene. The auspiciousness of the moment wafted through the air attracting more pilgrims. The locals said this was the first time such a guru had bathed there and performed such devotion. It was also the first time so many sadhus had bathed there at one time. Little did they know that Pramukh Swami Maharaj was a world respected spiritual master. After ensuring that Harikrishna Maharaj was rested, Swamishri himself descended into the water and began bathing, sprinkling water over the sadhus and pilgrims all around, praying for their happiness and well being. After the cataract operations in Boston Swamishri was brought to New York. Pravinbhai Patel of Staten Island bought Swamishri the new pair of spectacles he would have to wear for a while. "Present them to Thakorji first to sanctify them and then bring them here," Swamishri told an attendant sadhu. When this was done he said again, "Now bring Thakorji here." When Harikrishna Maharaj arrived Swamishri put the new spectacles on and first had His darshan. He seemed to be saying that he had been gifted new sight by the Lord and with his new eyes he wanted to have darshan. Swamishri then looked around at the sadhus, and then the devotees.
* * *
London 3 April, 1984 Peter Snowden, a freelance photographer, had come to the temple to see Swamishri. Vivekjivan Swami asked him, "Would you like to ask any questions?" "I have this opportunity but I don't know what to ask," Peter replied somewhat off-balanced. "I am really honoured. I am a Baptist and it is really odd for me to come to a Hindu temple." Then he stared at Swamishri for a few moments and said with exhilaration, "Swamiji's eyes! They're fascinating! His eyes are wonderful. I cannot look into his eyes." Peter took a few photographs of Swamishri, particularly close-ups of the eyes. Then with traditional British manners, he asked, "Can I touch Swamiji?" Swamishri just watched on innocently as the photographer carefully stretched out his hand. Peter then had a photograph taken of himself with Swamishri. When he left the room, he was shaking his head in disbelief. "The experience was mind-blowing! My mind was silenced. He seems very peaceful and calm. I can't describe him. Whether my boss will pay me or not is immaterial. I have gained a personal experience. Tomorrow I'll go to church and in our meeting when we are asked of any special experience I'll talk about Swamiji." San Fernando, Trinidad 29th June, 1988 Prime Minister of the West Indies, Mr. Robinson, had come to the assembly, but with only an hour to spare. As the hour passed away, Dharmavatsal Swami approached him to escort him out of the assembly. Mr. Robinson politely asked, "Is it O.K. if I stay a little longer?" He stayed till the end of the assembly. When Dharmavatsal Swami asked the reason for allowing himself to stay and disturb the rest of his tight schedule, he said, "I felt great peace here. This is the first time in my life I have experienced such peace."
* * *
A new comer youth in Rajkot asked, "Have you seen God?" "That is the reason for my blissfulness and because I have seen Him do I talk about him," Swamishri answered. The youth was surprised. "Is God before your eyes?" he questioned again. "Yes, He is before me." "Then show Him to me." "God cannot be seen like that. You have to keep faith in the words of the spiritual master and exert yourself spiritually. I can see God Himself within my guru. Is there anything more to be said? God may come before us in any form He pleases to!" The youth left, deeply moved by Swamishri's simple admission.

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