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The Inspirer and Present Guru of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha

He has a heart wherein the whole world can live

Wings of Gold:

Knowledge cannot be had from books alone. Association with the Holy Sadhu is a must. If by mere reading one could become a doctor, why do children have to go to school? To obtain spiritual knowledge you will have to do Sant samagam.
Revealing truths gleaned from Swamishri's kathas that can help in daily spiritual life
o Dharma is that which spreads love for one another.
o There would be no differences if each studied their Dharma. By becoming deeply spiritual you will never want to make another unhappy or snatch away another's property. We are all atma - souls.
Vayam amrutasya putraha!
We are all sons of the Eternal!
Of which caste is atma? Which is his family? Which is his country? Dharma teaches that the body, for which we perform all the manner of hurtful things, is itself not going to live always. Then why do wrong, believing 'this is mine and this is yours'? Share one another's fortune and misfortune, help one another rise. All this is taught by dharma.
o Dharma is only one - humanity and sadachar.*
o The guru is the gateway to moksha. He possesses God.
o Through the guru God can be attained. Such an Ekantik Sant takes one to God.
o What is supreme salvation? It is having attained God or His Sadhu.
o God is everywhere, but only by associating with one in whom He is manifest is salvation a reality.
o Associating with the bonafide spiritual master is studying at the college of brahmic knowledge.
o Maharaj is manifest through the Param Bhagvat Sant. Only by realising his true glory and nature can one experience the transcendental bliss of having seen God face to face.
o The true Sadhu is the path to God. Such a one helps us in this world and for the next; he liberates us.
o Through the Satpurush's words flows immortalising ambrosia sweeping away the ignorance of so many.
o But even though there are heaps of books, knowledge cannot be gained from them. A true Sadhu and his holy association are wanted for that.
o Satpurush - the Sant, is the manifest form of dharma, jnan, vairagya and bhakti.
o As long as doubts remain toward the Satpurush, the light of Brahman is not seen.
o The respect we reserve for God should also be given to the Satpurush.
o Nischay, nishtha, swarupnishtha, upasana and pativrata bhakti should all be genuine and strong as they are vital if one is to bond with the spiritual master.
o An aspirant who lives within the commands of the Satpurush can attain the divine bliss of Akshardham on this very earth. There can be no room for doubt. Will I suffer? What of my wife and children? Desire to succeed at all costs. Once you have dived in there should be no looking back. Focus on the Satpurush and continue efforts, you will have no setbacks.
o It will be known by others that we have not comprehended the importance of the Satpurush's commands, if we continue as we will and not according to his will. The fruits of Sant samagam will not be ours.
o The Satpurush may preach or may not preach, inspiration should be taken from his life.
o Without character and morality as the first step, no one can attain God.
o Character is the foundation, if it is kept firm and intact the monument of life built upon it will be unshakeable. If character is lost, the monument will soon tumble. Keep all thoughts and actions pure.
o Our character is our money. If character is there our other wealth will remain.
o Youth should think first of character. They should have no addictions. All those who have become great have first moulded their character - built their life. There is no outcome if you serve society with a lack of character. Even if you talk to somebody you cannot hope to influence him if you are lacking in character.
o Immorality may give you great gains, but a dry piece of bread given by morality will guarantee peace of mind. Do not become lazy and negligent. Fruits obtained without effort do not give peace and joy. Do not be trapped by greed and superstition. Walking through life in consonance with instructions given by God will ensure that we are not met by unhappiness.
o Failings should be abandoned. Addictions, temperaments, prejudices, harmful thoughts and actions and whatever should all be renounced. Through the centuries the wealth of character is what India has given to the world. If everyone together decides to rid themselves of failings then the world would become faultless. Stop looking at the faults of others and grasp only their virtue.
o To seat God in one's heart one's life must be pure. Sadachar purifies one's life. Dharma brings man closer to man. Money does not bring men closer, nor is peace of mind possible. Only God and His Sadhu can grant peace. A man who lives by God's law will find peace even in the jungle. If we become good, the world also becomes good.
o Only through Satsang can one discriminate between the eternal and ephemeral.
o Satsang enables us to enjoy the bliss of one's atma.
o Identify good company and bad company. In expectation of a peaceful life we search for good neighbours, in the same way when entrusting oneself, one's soul, a true Satpurush is to be sought.
o 'I and mine' leave as we do Satsang. By enjoying what God has given us with the belief, 'this isn't mine', one does not become attached.
o Soap cleans the body, but what of deceit and fraudulence that remain in the mind? Satsang is the soap that cleanses the mind.
o When Satsang wisdom becomes deeply embedded, one can think of the Lord in all activities.
o At first, working the fields is bone aching but after a while becomes easy. Similarly, Satsang in the beginning is hard, but than becomes simple.
o As a man finds more success his desires increase. Satsang repels such desires.
o For countless births we have been intoxicated with the world. This Satsang removes that craving. Can such intoxication be cured in three or four days? Unbroken Sant samagam leads to a cure.
o Attaining this Satsang is the fruit of all past spiritual efforts. But we do not understand this truth and are so attracted to yoga, tap, tyag. Once we have understood the greatness of Satsang no other spiritual endeavours are required.
o When thirsty only water can quench it, not even pearls and diamonds can help. In the same way, only Satsang grants inner tranquility. Many have houses and cars and other wealth but they suffer inner turmoil. This is because the soul is not fed what it wants.
o Satsang wipes away trash such as anger and passion that coat the soul.
o There are many rarities in the world. Satsang is the rarest.
o Unbroken Sant samagam gives inner strength. The soul is strengthened. To the very last breath should we do Sant samagam. Just as we need food everyday we should do Satsang everyday. Grain nourishes the body, Satsang nourishes the soul. Without Satsang the soul becomes weak.
o A person is made indiscriminate by the excitability of his sense organs. He is infatuated and so watches actors and then when all the junk has collected within, he becomes confused and upset. The Satpurush talks of happiness and distress. He is caring and affectionate and soon calms us. Others only increase the inner fires. That is why we should remain distant from the world and always do Sant samagam.
o Knowledge cannot be had from books alone. Association with the Holy Sadhu is a must. If by mere reading one could become a doctor, why do children have to go to school? To obtain spiritual knowledge you will have to do Sant samagam.
o After entering Satsang one recognises one's drawbacks and begins efforts to remove them. As one continues samagam one receives strength, and drawbacks are overcome.
o A person possessed by the enemies of passion, anger and greed is called an asura. Rid yourself of such evilness through Sant samagam.
o Why Satsang? To wash away our inner faults. A drowning man can only drown another, Satsang teaches us to swim.
o Many offer devotion, but without sadachar they experience no peace.
o What is devotion? Never seeing the Lord as with human qualities, understanding that 'happiness' has been given by God, and that 'distress' has been also given by God, and thus never feeling spiteful or prejudiced towards anyone - this is devotion.
o If we devote ourselves to God the trash within us will leave.
o One should become a humble servant, as did Hanumanji, and then offer devotion. Only when the 'I ness' has been eradicated can we experience the bliss of God.
o Knowingly or unknowingly, if one drinks nectar one becomes immortal. Similarly, devotion is always fruitful.
o Doing the biding of God manifest through the Satpurush is bhakti. Yogiji Maharaj would command the youths to pick pebbles in the fields! Doing so was bhakti. When a seva such as the piecing of vegetables needs to be done and at that time we sit in meditation we are not offering true bhakti. Such bhakti is of no use.
o Devotion to God enables one to control the mind.
o Never look to the words of others. Are we hurting them by offering devotion to God? If a person does not approve of our job or vocation do we resign? Of course not! Similarly, you do should Satsang.
o Festivals increase our devotion to God
o Centre God in all your activities. Serve society but keep God before you. Never forget God....

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