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Searching Question Fulfilling Answer
Each person struggles through

life. For some the trials are

overpowering, for others a bored

status quo prevails,and

for a minority mountains are

pounded to dust in

the search for meaning and joy.

Within the invisible depths of

each soul there is a yearning.

A need to know ‘Why?’.

‘Why do we live?’,

‘Why do we experience problems?’,

‘Why are we travellers on the

journey of life?’.

In the search for answers to

their uncertainties many turn to

the God-realised Sadhu.
    Travellers On The Journey Of Life
    From all walks of life

On a normal day, Pramukh Swami Maharaj meets men from all walks of life... lawyers, celebrities and even fishermen! There are those who have known him for years, and those who for the first time come to meet him in search of guidance...
    Fruits of life

Harish: If we see a wealthy man who doesn’t believe in God we usually say that he’s reaping the benefits of good deeds performed in previous births. But I can’t help but wonder that if he had really done good in his past life, then why does he attain wealth? Surely, he should attain God?

Swamishri: When we carry out any deed, our intentions determine the type of fruits we earn. A man may give charity to help the poor, he may visit the temple regularly, but if his objective is to please God in the hope of being rewarded with more wealth, then money is what he’ll receive. If one does something with a desire to attain specific ends, he will receive just those fruits. But if he desires nothing for himself, if his sole intention is to please God, then he will not have to take another birth, for he receives the ultimate fruit - redemption.

(2 March 1991, Gadhada)

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