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A counsellor - “How can I

convince my child to...”

A visionary - “Who was I in my

past life...”

A psychologist - “How can I cope

with the guilt...”

A friend in need - “Why did God

take my son and not me...”

A guru - “How can I progress

on the spiritual path...”

The many roles of Swamishri.

Sometimes we can catch a glimpse

of all these within the space of

just a few hours. He opens his

doors to the world, and for those

who walk in, he opens the doors of

their hearts, letting in light where

there was once darkness.
    The Meaning Of Life
    Why My Life...?
    Question 3

Dr. Bhattacharya : What should I do in my daily worship?

Swamishri : Mala and puja of God.

My Guru used to say that one can attain God while still living in society.

Swamishri : That’s correct. When serving others, if we think that ‘I am serving God’ then we will attain God. And serve others with love and appreciation but never become proud of yourself; then you will get darshan of God.

How can we remove our ego?

Swamishri : By realising the mahima of God and by doing Sant samagam. Whatever we do and inspire others to do, it is in fact God, who through us, is doing and giving the inspiration. What can we ever do? We should always bear this in mind.

(29 August 1992, Atladra)

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