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A counsellor - “How can I

convince my child to...”

A visionary - “Who was I in my

past life...”

A psychologist - “How can I cope

with the guilt...”

A friend in need - “Why did God

take my son and not me...”

A guru - “How can I progress

on the spiritual path...”

The many roles of Swamishri.

Sometimes we can catch a glimpse

of all these within the space of

just a few hours. He opens his

doors to the world, and for those

who walk in, he opens the doors of

their hearts, letting in light where

there was once darkness.
    The Meaning Of Life
    The Family

Freelance journalist Kaushik Joshi interviewed Swamishri concerning the problems faced by Satsangi families in a non-Satsangi society...
    Question 1

Joshi : Even devotees face hardships in today’s society. Is there an easy way to be free of all these entanglements?

Swamishri : Society exists and with it, come responsibilities. It is not easy to live in today’s social climate considering the state of the country. However, we should keep God in front of us and strive on and learn to be content with whatever we get as a result. But we shouldn’t become depressed. Think of it as Maharaj’s (Lord Swaminarayan) wish and keep going. But we should never let go of Satsang and puja.

There is constant friction between the youth and their elders. How can this be resolved?

Swamishri : Elders tend to be orthodox whereas youngsters are full of new ideas. However to say that anyone is the cause of such friction is not right. Youths are not ready to accept the advice of their elders and the elders are not ready to adapt to the views of the youngsters. Basically, both groups should try to understand each other. If they can learn to compromise, there won’t be any problems.

How should a devotee behave in the face of increasing immorality and corruption in today’s society?

Swamishri : Even though it is difficult for us to follow our niyams we should remain steadfast in Maharaj’s niyam-dharma. We should bear in mind that dharma always wins and thus adhere to it and our niyams, even in times of difficulty.

This Satsang has really expanded over the last few years. The old devotees of course feel joy that the Satsang is growing, but they also feel pain that they cannot be near you as freely and as often as the old days. How can they resolve this?

Swamishri : It’s plain to see that as Satsang expands, there is less opportunity for us to meet or to go to the villages. However, we should always remember the experiences we have had in the past. And we should remain eager to take whatever new opportunities arise and learn to be content with them. We should feel that the growth of Satsang reflects our God’s and our guru's true greatness and we should be proud of that.

(7 March 1987, Purushottampura)

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