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Searching Questions Fulfilling Answers
‘Young, free and single’.

These three words best describe

the mentality of today’s youth.

They are at a delicate transition

in their lives, expected by society

to be responsible and yet by that

same society trusted with

sponsibilities or allowed to think

for themselves. It is a period

where they have to leave their

childhood dreams and accept the

realities of life. If we can learn to

trust them, to respect their views,

to treat them as the young adults

they are - and at the same time

still love them as we did when

they were children, then may be

they will be able to accept these

realities and take on the task to

improve the world we live in.

If not, they may rebel against

society and in effect, against us.

We can see Swamishri preparing

yesterday’s children to become

tomorrow’s leaders...
    Swamishri With Youth

Every student faces a dilemma. He has to achieve a balance between the demands made upon him. The tension of exams, the pressure from the family to excel and of course, the temptations of society. Whatever he does, right or wrong, is ultimately reflected in his results. Teaching them the formulae and calculations of life, Swamishri educates them in how to survive in and out of the classroom...

    Question 4

Sandip, Manish : One of our subjects is advertising - in which we have to create tempting ideas and pictures to attract people. How can we remain dry whilst in the river of filth?

Swamishri : We should remain mentally detached from our work.

Manish : Whenever we go on a tour there is often onion powder in the food. We don’t even know. We have no choice but to eat it. At such times we feel that we should not do tilak chandlo as we are degrading it.

Swamishri : Instead of thinking like that, why not think about restraining ourselves from eating such food! When such food is put in front of us we should fast on that day, or just drink milk. Our bodies will survive. We should be determined that whether or not there are onions in it, we simply don’t want to eat food from restaurants. It is possible to live for a whole month on just milk and similar items. But because we enjoy it, we eat it. Otherwise, there’s no real problem.

Manish : But when the food is put in front of us, we are tempted by it.

Swamishri : It’s all a question of keeping control over our mind. There is nothing that we cannot do without. It’s only because we are tempted. If we try to restrain our minds then God will also help. Wherever we are we can make alternative arrangements.

(29 November 1991, Vidhyanagar)

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