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Searching Questions Fulfilling Answers
‘Young, free and single’.

These three words best describe

the mentality of today’s youth.

They are at a delicate transition

in their lives, expected by society

to be responsible and yet by that

same society trusted with

sponsibilities or allowed to think

for themselves. It is a period

where they have to leave their

childhood dreams and accept the

realities of life. If we can learn to

trust them, to respect their views,

to treat them as the young adults

they are - and at the same time

still love them as we did when

they were children, then may be

they will be able to accept these

realities and take on the task to

improve the world we live in.

If not, they may rebel against

society and in effect, against us.

We can see Swamishri preparing

yesterday’s children to become

tomorrow’s leaders...
    Swamishri With Youth
    Far Away In Body, Close At Heart...

A debate was organised by students of the Akshar Purushottam Youth Hostel in Vallabh Vidhyanagar. The topic of discussion was ‘Shriji Maharaj is ours because...’ After a vigorous debate the judgement was left for Swamishri to decide...
    Question 6

In studies as in life, we resolve to work hard but after a short time we lose momentum. Why?

Swamishri : If we have enthusiasm, we won’t fall back. If we are mentally determined, we will not notice any obstacles which come in our way such as laziness, procrastination or even pain. We just put them behind us. But because we have a passion for this world we squander our lives after it. If we are keen about something, then that is all we think about. We need such enthusiasm. One who is eager won’t think about food or drink or films. Our sadhana is to persevere! There is nothing that can deter eagerness. Shastriji Maharaj had such determination and thus he never took a step back in his life. If we are not keen and if two people try to divert us, then we will be diverted. Whilst doing one job we get drawn to another. If we are keen we will never get diverted.

What one thought will help us to keep progressing in Satsang?

Swamishri : Our goal should be to please God; then we will not have any problems. Or if we have intense love for the Satpurush and then do seva, regardless of time and place we will not have any problems.

Through which activity are you extremely pleased?

Swamishri : We should be constantly aware of whether or not we are following each and every one of Shriji Maharaj’s commands, big or small. But we shouldn’t pay heed to anything else. Faithfulness - not doing bhakti of anyone else. We should respect other devas but we should always keep Shriji Maharaj in the forefront of all our conversations and all our work. We have seen this in the lives of Shastriji Maharaj and Yogi Bapa - one aim, one vision to follow the commands of God and guru.

(23 February 1990, Vidhyanagar)

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