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Invincible Power:

Gordhanbhai Kothari called Swamishri to Vadtal and instructed him to construct a temple at Veersad. Swamishri went to Vadtal, and all the devotees attached to him also followed him. A large meeting attended by thousands of devotees was held at Swamishri's seat. In this meeting Swamishri expounded the greatness of Akshar and Purushottam and vehemently emphasised the importance of worshipping these twin forms. He motivated the devotees to offer financial service on the occasion of the installation of the idols of Akshar and Purushottam in Vadhvan. In no time donations amounting to rupees two thousand five hundred were collected. The Kothari and all the sadhus, however laboured under the impression that Swamishri was talking about the temple at Veersad!
Swamishri then went to Ahmedabad. He called for Nirmaldas Swami and told him: "We shall pay the cost of the idols. Hence, when you decide to go to Jaipur for getting the idols carved, our representative will also go with you and get them carved in accordance with our design." With such firm arrangement he sent Purushottamdas, a mason from Gondal to Jaipur. Nirmaldas went to Baroda for the other idols. Swamishri recommended to Kothari Jetha Bhagat to provide all the facilities to him at the Baroda temple. Jetha Bhagat also faced all the risks, and under Swamishri's directions supported his cause.
Thereafter, Swamishri went to Broach. Here he organised a parayan (discourse) on Vachanamritam for a day. About a thousand devotees from all over Gujarat attended the parayan on this occasion. Swamishri talked at length on the principle that only a brahmanised saint is the gateway to salvation.
When news reached Vadtal, the opponents were all the more disturbed: "Thousands of devotees run after Yagnapurushdasji, offer rasoi (food) and other-wise serve him, whereas not even five disciples come to us. How is this? Yagnapurushdas openly advocates worship of Akshar-Purushottam, takes the side of Nirmaldas, provides him with all the facilities in Baroda through Jetha Bhagat, still nobody rebukes him and Kothari Gordhanbhai also supports him. If this situation continues, Yagnapurushdas will dominate over Vadtal, nay, the whole of the sampraday (fellowship) and will be its master. We shall be reduced to non-entities." Thus, they began to plan how best to thwart Yagnapurushdasji. Swamishri, on the other hand, was moving about fearlessly.
In Vadtal Kothari Gordhanbhai called for Swamishri and said: "The sadhus here are attempting to uproot you. They cannot tolerate your increasing fame. Wherever you go, congregations are organised and thousands of people are attracted to you. They cannot tolerate this. Therefore, it would be advisable if you would curtail your activities."
Courteously, Swamishri replied: '"We gather together only to have spiritual discourses, talks, worship and divine remembrances. If in the process, the people are attracted to me or they see any power, that is due to the will of Shriji Maharaj. We aren't doing anything contrary to or inconsistent with the traditions of the satsang (fellowship). If you wish to convince yourself, we shall hold the next discourse in Vadtal itself." The Kothari was pleased with the reply from Swamishri. He had a great regard for Swamishri.
Moreover, Gordhanbhai Kothari was enamoured of Swamishri because of his administrative capability as evinced from the development of the Sarangpur temple, the haveli and the dharmashala (guest house), etc. However, assuming that the sadhus would cause less trouble to Swamishri if calmed, he freed Swamishri from the administrative responsibility of the Sarangpur temple and called him back to Vadtal.

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