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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Invoking Indra:

Shastriji Maharaj reciting parayan of Satsangijivan Ahmedabad, V.S. 1992The devotees at Ahmedabad had decided to arrange a parayan in Samvat year 1992. Everyone appeared worried as this year it had not rained till the month of Bhadarva. They prayed to Swamishri. The latter replied: "Pray to, Jogi. He is kind, and will surely beseech Shriji Maharaj in this respect." But Yogi Swami, when approached, remarked in all humility: "I am only a servant. Everything rests in the hands of Swamishri. Let us therefore perform dhun. Swamishri will kindly shower the rains."
Swamishri asked Dharmswarupdas Swami: "Go into a trance, and implore Shriji Maharaj for rain." Dharmswarupdas Swami accordingly went into a trance and prayed to Maharaj. Maharaj replied : "Since Shastri Yagnapurushdas is relieving the earth of the burden of sin, none shall remain unhappy. It will certainly rain." The very next day it rained, but as it was inadequate, none felt satisfied.
The following day Dharmaswarupdas Swami again went into a trance and prayed to Maharaj, whereupon Maharaj assured him: "From today it will rain heavily." Shortly thereafter, while Dharmaswarupdas was still in a trance, an amount of prasad (consecrated gift) of magas (a sweet), weighing about seven pounds and made from ghee was received. Everyone was surprised to see it. At that very time, Airavat (an elephant with two trunks, being the vehicle of Indra, the god of rain) appeared, and Shriji Maharaj, Gunatitanand Swami, Gopalanand Swami, Bhagatji Maharaj and the god Indra got down from it. Then Indra performed the pooja (ceremonial worship) of Swamishri.
Shriji Maharaj told Dharamswarupdas: "Now that Indra, the god of rain has come, there will be no scarcity of rain at all." Thereafter, all the five images disappeared in the sky. Many people in the congregation had the darshan of these five images. Within a short time, thereafter, heavy rains accompanied by peals of thunder and lightning lashed the town. It rained so heavily that many places were waterlogged. The whole of Ahmedabad was pulled towards Swamishri after this miracle."
In Samvat year 1994 Someshwar Pithwa organised a parayan of Satsangijivan in Gondal. One Bhagwandas, a new devotee from Poona, having heard about the greatness of Swamishri had gone there to participate in the parayan. He resolved: "I shall take food only if a temple is built in Poona and I am graced by Shriji Maharaj with his darshan." He did not disclose this to anyone.
Swamishri was delivering the discourse on the concluding day. Then a miracle happened. Swamishri disappeared suddenly and in his place the devotee had the darshan of Shriji Maharaj clad in gorgeous clothes embroidered with golden threads, a crimson coloured turban and ornaments. Bhagwandas blinked his eyes and looked again and again, but the same image continued to be visible to him. In the midst of the discourse he got up and related what he saw to the assembly. After completing the discourse Swamishri said: "Maharaj has fulfilled your desire. You should break your fast and have your food, and desist from taking such an oath hereafter." The devotee in question, as also others who attended the parayan, were firmly convinced by this incident that Shriji Maharaj manifested through Shastriji Maharaj.

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