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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


"I am Yogi and Yogi is Me":

Oh! Jogi is indeed Jogi, a real Gunatit SaintSwamishri's condition was now deteriorating day by day. Even during this illness he performed many divine sports and miracles and, thereby, exhilarated the devotees. They also got opportunities of serving him. When Yogi Swami went to Ahmedabad and asked for Swamishri's permission to go to Gondal, Swamishri said : "'Now Maharaj will shortly come, to take me therefore I am putting this Narandas (Pramukh Swami) under your custody, and I am also entrusting all these temples to you. Please look after them well."
The next day Swamishri being reminiscent of Yogi Swami said: "Oh Jogi is indeed Jogi, a real Gunatit (transcendental) soul! It is impossible to find a parallel to Jogi. He has been following my wishes for the last forty years. Such a sense of clairvoyance he possesses!"
Swamishri thought of proceeding to Atladara on the occasion of the festival of Janmashtami so that thousands of devotees might have his last darshan, for he was now contemplating to wind up the leela (divine sport). All were worried as to how he would be able to undertake the journey to Atladra in such a serious state of health. But he got ready, sat in a motor car and went to Atladra. There a saint told him: "Swamiji! I am chanting your name with the beads of my rosary. To me you are God in person." One hearing this, Swamishri reprimanded him, "One should not speak like this. One should chant the name of Lord Swaminarayan while counting the beads of the rosary, and worship Him alone. I am myself am doing the same and you, too, should act accordingly. That is my command."

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