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HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Vicharan

15 to 30 May, 2000
Bardoli - Bharuch
Valiya - Dabhoi -Bhilapur - Atladra - Delhi
- Vadodara - Bochasan -
Vidyanagar - Vartal - Amdavad


Swamishri's Itinerary
16 - 25 May, 2000  

16 - 18 : 18 - 23 :
23 :

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Bharuch, Valiaa, Bharuch
Bharuch, Dabhoi
Dabhoi, Bhilapur, Atladra

  • 16 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Sud 13 & 14, V.S. 2056) Tuesday, Sankari
    During Children's Day program a special tribute was paid to children who had participated in the Anti-addiction campaign. Children narrated their experiences, the 'Kafan' drama was enacted and Swamishri acknowledged their efforts and courage. More than 1750 children and 1500 parents had attended the assembly.

  • 21 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Vad 3, V.S. 2056) Sunday, Bharuch According to the English calendar fifty years ago, Swamishri was appointed as President of the BAPS by Shastriji Maharaj. To honor the occasion a celebration program was arranged on the new mandir site. During this function, Swamishri inaugurated a mobile dispensary by the BAPS for the tribal people of Panchmahal district. After a program of drama, slide and video presentation on Swamishri's personality and contribution to society, Swamishri blessed the assembly. "All the activities and services are being done by the grace and blessings of Shriji Maharaj, Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj. The garden (of Satsang Fellowship) is all theirs. They have prepared it and have planted its roots so deep that everyone is inspired with such a spirit of sacrifice…"
    15,000 devotees had attended the celebration.

  • 23 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Vad 5, V.S. 2056) Tuesday, Bharuch, Valiaa, Bharuch
    In the evening, Swamishri travelled to the town of Valiaa to bless an assembly in honor of the first anniversary of a hospital for tribal and local residents. Swamishri performed puja of the Shivalinga in the mandir on the hospital complex. During the assembly the tribals performed a traditional folkdance. In his blessings Swamishri preached on refraining from addictions and imbibing virtues in life.

  • 25 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Vad 7, V.S. 2056)Thursday, Dabhoi
    A hospital, offered by the Mahalaxmi Charitable Trust to the BAPS, was equipped with the latest medical facilities by the Sanstha. The inaugural function took place in the presence of Swamishri, Chief Minister of Gujarat - Shri Keshubhai Patel and the State Health Minister - Shri Ashokbhai Bhatt. 'Pramukh Swami Hospital' was declared open amidst Vedic chantings by Swamishri and Shri Keshubhai Patel.

  • 26 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Vad 8, V.S. 2056) Friday, Vadodara,
    New Delhi

    Swamishri landed in New Delhi at 9.45 am. For the next three days Swamishri blessed the devotees and held evening assemblies for the benefit of all.

  • 29 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Vad 10, V.S. 2056) Monday, New Delhi, Vadodara, Bochasan, Vidyanagar
    Swamishri departed from New Delhi at 4.08 pm and arrived in Vadodara at 6.25 pm. At 8.30 pm Swamishri arrived at Vidyanagar via Bochasan.

  • 30 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Vad 11, V.S. 2056) Thursday, Vidyanagar, Vartal, Amdavad
    At 9.45 am Swamishri performed the ground breaking ceremony of the BAPS "Pramukh Swami Computer Institute" on a piece of land on the road to Bakrol. At 5.00 pm Swamishri departed from Vidynagar and reached Amdavad at 8.40 pm via Vartal.

  • 31 May, 2000 (Vaishakh Vad 12/13, V.S. 2056) Wednesday, Amdavad, Gandhinagar
    During the morning of Yogi Jayanti, 22 youths were intitiated into the holy order by Swamishri. In the evening, during the Yogi Jayanti celebration assembly senior sadhus and Swamishri recalled incidents on the innocence and spirituality of Yogiji Maharaj.

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