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Sarangpur Page-4, 21 September 2002
Rain, perhaps surprisingly for many elsewhere,
is more than a reason to celebrate for hundreds of thousands of people in India.
Simply because their livelihood depends upon it.
Rainwater provides water for drinking, sanitation and irrigation.
It represents the very beckoning of life.

And so when it does actually rain,
no one needs an invitation to come out and rejoice -
to greet the rains like a long-awaited friend.

It is a time when Nature adorns fresh robes of deep green.
The temperature drops significantly.
Moisture hangs in the air cooling it even further.
And a distinctively sweet smell of wet soil quickly pervades the air.

The bright hues prompt even brighter smiles.
There's dancing and prancing in puddles.
And singing and splashing all round.
The pitter-patter of heavy rain
resounds in tune with the laughter of village children and the song by birds.
Drenched peacocks spur on the clouds for more.
Machines seem content just to soak in the atmosphere.
While buildings take on new vigor, almost coming to life themselves.
Young and old - sadhus not withstanding -
rejoice in the new lease of hope unleashed by the rains.

This afternoon, even Harikrishna Maharaj could not resist Himself.
He made a special appearance allowing eager sadhus to offer their devotion
with the rare opportunity to bathe Him in fresh rainwater.
Everyone around Him played and sang
and danced to the rhyme and rhythm of rain.
More importantly, they thanked Him for His grace.
And prayed for ample rains every year.

Barely an hour it rained.
But it brought hope and happiness for the whole year.


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© 2002, Bochasanwasi Shree Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, Swaminarayan Aksharpith