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A Spiritual Travelogue of Pramukh Swami Maharaj
  24 August to 9 September 2005  
Atladra (24 August to 9 September 2005)
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(Atladra: 1 - 2)
  • 5 September 2005, Atladra ( Mp3 1,330 KB)
    Swamishri rocks Shri Harikrishna Maharaj in a traditional hindolo
    • 27 August 2005 (V.S. 2061, Shravan vad 8) Saturday, Atladra; Janmashtmi
      Swamishri arrived in the Janmashtmi celebration assembly at 9.00 pm. During the assembly, Swamishri inaugurated a new audio cassette publication by Swaminarayan Aksharpith entitled Rath Par Baithe Bihari. It features bhajans describing festivals held in the presence of Shriji Maharaj.
      Blessing the celebration assembly, Swamishri said, “God incarnates on earth to liberate countless souls. But those who are evil-minded do not like it when God manifests85. The Gita describes the battle between good and evil. In the end, good triumphs. Peace and happiness lies in that. By narrating and listening to the divine episodes of God, peace is experienced. If one listens to evil, then misery is experienced.”
      At 11.00 pm Swamishri performed the celebration assembly to mark the birth of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. After the arti, celebratory bhajans were sung before the assembly ended.
    • 28 August 2005 (V.S. 2061, Shravan vad 9) Sunday, Atladra
      Trustees of The Heritage Trust, based in Surat, came for Swamishri’s darshan. They had published a book entitled Sanskruti Purush Pramukh Swami, which had been written for them by Vivekpriya Swami. Mahant Swami performed the inauguration of the book.
    • 31 August 2005 (V.S. 2061, Shravan vad 12), Wednesday, Atladra
      After morning puja, Swamishri performed the pujan and arti rituals for the murtis to be consecrated in the kutir mandirs at Nani Dholdungri and Barsol villages in the Valsad district.
    • 6 September 2005 (V.S. 2061 Bhadarva sud 3) Tuesday ,Atladra
      Today was Sam Shravani, and as per the annual custom, all sadhus and Samvedi Brahmins change their sacred threads. After Swamishri’s puja and the conclusion of the Vedic rituals, Swamishri donned the new janoi before removing the old one.
    • 7 September 2005, ( V.S. 2061 Bhadarva sud 4) Wednesday, Atladra
      • Before morning puja Swamishri performed pujan and arti of Shri Ganapatiji to commemorate the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Choth – Ganeshji’s birthday.
      • In the evening assembly, Swamishri felicitated and presented a mala to devotees of Atladra who had attained top ranks in the annual Satsang Examinations.
      • Then blessing the assembly, Swamishri said, “We hold annual Satsang Examinations. In them devotees of Atladra attain high ranks. These exams are important, since we should all thoroughly know about our Sampraday. From schools people get degrees, but they are for bodily needs. People become doctors, engineers, scientists and businessmen, and whatever is attained by that brings physical and social comforts. That is all bodily pleasure, but the body is perishable… In dreams, one sees much wealth, but when one awakens there is nothing. Thus, worldly happiness is described as a dream. At present much wealth is seen and joy experienced, but when the eyes close (at death) everything goes. When the eyes close and the atma departs, the body dies. Such wisdom is attained through the Satsang Exams.”