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A Spiritual Travelogue of Pramukh Swami Maharaj
  1 to 14 September 2006  
New Delhi (1 to 14 September 2006)

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(New Delhi: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6)

  • 10 September 2006, New Delhi (Mp3 2,834 KB)
    Leader of the Opposition, Shri Lalkrishna Advani, meets Swamishri
    • 2 September 2006, New Delhi
      • In the morning the former Deputy Prime Minister of India Shri Lalkrishna Advani met Swamishri and received his blessings. Thereafter Shri L.M.Singhvi, former ambassador of India to the UK, met Swamishri.
      • At 6.30 pm an assembly of dignitaries was held in the mandir hall. Swamishri blessed the congregation, “No matter what one’s faith be the teachings of the scriptures and great saints have always been about the attainment of moksha. If one follows them then one is a human being. An animal has no discrimination as to where to sit, how to raise its offsprings; whereas man has been endowed with the power of discrimination. To become an ideal man the Shikshapatri has given 212 aphorisms…”
    Vice-president of India, Shri Bhaironsinh Shekhavat, meets Swamishri
    • 3 September 2006, New Delhi
      Swamishri welcomed the vice-president of India, H.E. Shri Bhaironsingh Shekhawat, with a garland. He expressed his appreciations and praises for the creation of Akshar-dham.
      Thereafter the chairman of Metro Train, Shridharan, received Swamishri’s blessings.
      The former Prime Minister of India Shri Deve Gowda was also welcomed and blessed by Swamishri.

    Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Shri Kokje receives Swamishri's blessings
    • 4 September 2006, New Delhi; Jal Jhilani Ekadashi
      • The Governor of Himachal Pradesh, H.E. Kokje, praised Swamishri after seeing Akshardham. “You have done great work for the youths of today. The volunteers here are very praiseworthy.” Swamishri said, “Everyone here serves with devotion. They do it to please God.” The Governor added, “All activities in the world today are money-centred. Whereas here I saw that people are service-centered.”
        Later in the morning the former Lt. Governor of Delhi, Shri Vijay Kapoor, also came for Swamishri’s darshan and blessings.
      • As part of the Jal Jhilani festival a mahapuja was held in the Neelkanth Abhishek Mandapam at 4.00 pm. Swamishri arrived at the Akshardham monument at 5.30 pm. After darshan of the deities Swamishri performed the concluding rituals of the mahapuja in the Neelkanth Mandapam. Swamishri performed puja, arti and abhishek of Neelkanth Varni. Thereafter the Jal Jhilani festival was celebrated by the steps of Narayan Sarovar. Viveksagar Swami explained the significance and glory of Jal Jhilani in his address. Swamishri then bathed Shri Harikrishna Maharaj and had the holy water sprinkled on the devotees. Thereafter Shri Harikrishna Maharaj was taken on the ritual boat ride in Narayan Sarovar with senior sadhus. Five artis were performed, one after each round in the boat. Sadhus also sang bhajans describing Shriji Maharaj’s divine lila. The final arti was performed by Swamishri.
        As a grand finale to the celebration Swamishri blessed the congregation, “Maharaj resides in Akshardham with muktas and bhaktas. The festival of Jal Jhilani has been celebrated beautifully. People are inspired in Akshar-dham. It is a divine place, and a place of Indian culture that will please and satisfy all. May there be peace in the world and an end to family, societal and international conflicts.” Then Swamishri ritually submerged the murti of Ganeshji in the waters of Narayan Sarovar.
    • 5 September 2006, New Delhi
      In the evening the Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Bhupendrasinh Hooda came for Swamishri’s darshan with some of his cabinet ministers. He was appreciative of Swaminarayan Akshardham and requested Swamishri to build one in Kurukshetra.
      Thereafter the Finance Minister of India, Shri Chidambaram, came to Swamishri after seeing Akshardham. He, too, expressed his appreciation for the cultural complex.

    • 7 September 2006, New Delhi
      From 11.30 pm to 1.10 am Swamishri observed the lunar eclipse rituals with sadhus and devotees by attending the assembly of bhajans and discourses. In conclusion Swamishri blessed the congregation, “It is great to sing the glory of God. All our lives we have been singing the glory of the world and maya. When we praise God we experience inner peace. By listening to spiritual discourses, engaging in bhajan and kirtan one receives the blessings of God and experiences inner happiness. When God showers his grace then one becomes fulfilled. We, too, look upon others but with mundane purposes. So no inner transformation takes place. However, God’s divine grace and also that of his true sadhus and devotees are divine.”
      The lunar eclipse ended at 1.10 am. Thereafter Swamishri and sadhus took a bath and performed puja. Swamishri retired at 2.00 am.

    • 9 September 2006, New Delhi
      At 6.45 pm Pujya Chinna Jeer Swami, Head of Ramanujacharya Sect, Andhra Pradesh, met Swamishri after seeing Akshardham. Swamishri welcomed him with a garland. Pujya Chinna Jeer Swami praised Akshardham and said, “You are transforming the inner selves of people. It is wonderful.”
      Swamishri: All that happens is through the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan.
      Jeer Swami: It is through your grace. There is a lot to see in this world, but it does not give peace of mind. What you have shown here is not shown by anyone. A doctor gives medicine in a capsule form, similarly, you have used technology to show God.
      Swamishri: These sadhus are educated and they have done it.
      Jeer Swami: The soul is indispensable for the survival of body; you are the soul of the sadhus.
      Swamishri: God is the soul. Guru is the soul. It was the wish of our guru Yogiji Maharaj.
      Jeer Swami: An acharya (guru) may wish but one requires someone to translate it into reality. You have been making the guru’s wishes into reality. Through your sadhus you are inspiring thousands of people. Whenever I come to you I am inspired. I feel that I can do this and I am inspired further.”
      Finally Swamishri honoured Pujya Chinna Jeer Swami with a shawl.

    Swamishri's morning puja on Brahmaswarup Shri Shastriji Maharaj Smruti Din
    • 10 September 2006, New Delhi
      Swamishri celebrated the shraddh of Shastriji Maharaj in the presence of over 200 sadhus. In the shraddh assembly sadhus sang the glory of Shastriji Maharaj. The Yuvak Mandal of Delhi performed a cultural dance. Finally, Swamishri blessed the congregation. “Through the wish of Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj this divine Akshardham has come up on the banks of the river Yamuna. We are all sitting here in this divine place. The knowledge of Akshar and Purushottam is true, endorsed by the shastras, experiential, and propagated by Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Shastriji Maharaj had firmly understood this knowledge. He was very intelligent. He became a sadhu at a young age and had come to do God’s work. He was divine and full of bhakti in his life. Even while playing he built sand-mandirs and performed arti. He is eternal, and wedded to dharma, gnan, vairagya and bhakti.”
    President of India, Shri A P J Abdul Kalam, meets Swamishri
    • 11 September 2006, New Delhi
      At 6.15 pm the President of India Shri APJ Abdul Kalam arrived at Akshardham. He was welcomed by senior sadhus at the complex and by children donned in traditional clothes. Thereafter he saw the Gajendra Peeth, musical fountain and large format film Neelkanth Yatra. At 9.25 pm the President arrived at Swamishri’s quarters where he was welcomed with the singing of the Shanti Paath by 200 sadhus. He was garlanded by Swamishri. The president praised the large format film. A dialogue between Swamishri and the President took place.
    Former Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, with Swamishri
    • 12 September 2006, New Delhi
      In the evening, the former Prime Minister of India, Shri Atalbihari Vajpayee arrived at Akshardham. He saw the monument, musical fountain and Neelkanth Yatra large format film. He was welcomed by Swamishri with a garland. Shri Vajpayee said, “Akshardham is indescribable.” After a brief dialogue Swami-shri blessed him.
           Thakorji's Darshan
    • 2 June 2006, Kosamba (Tithal)
      Swamishri was doing his morning puja inside the mandir hall. Outside, the rains were pouring heavily and the winds were blowing at gale force.
      Normally Swamishri does darshan of Thakorji before doing his puja. But today, due to the stormy weather, Swamishri became engaged in doing his puja first. Midway through his puja someone suggested to Swamishri that he go for Thakorji’s darshan in the evening because of the inclement weather.
      Swamishri firmly replied, “Never say no for Thakorji’s darshan. No matter how heavy the rains are or how cold it may be, but never say no for Thakorji’s darshan.
      Then someone made another suggestion, “Swamishri if you are driven by car to the sea shore and the car is parked before the mandir podium then you will be able to have darshan of Akshar Purushottam Maharaj.”
      But Swamishri explicitly rejected the proposal, “Do not ever think in this manner. I want to go for Thakorji’s darshan.”
      By the time Swamishri completed his puja the rains had stopped completely.
      Swamishri’s resolve to go for darshan reveals his deep faith and devotion to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and his gurus.
    • 1 September 2006, Chennai
      A devotee revealed his problem to Swamishri, “My wife and I have two different approaches to raising our child. Whenever our child becomes rowdy and mischievous I lovingly try to explain and correct him. But my wife hits and scolds him. Consequently there is a difference of opinion between us. What should I do?”
      Swamishri advised, “A child is ignorant and unaware of the disturbances he causes. It is important to talk to him and make him understand with love. If you treat him with love then he will change and progress. By hitting him he will never advance in life. Hence make him understand and try to correct him with love.”
             Three Keys for Success
    • 6 September 2006, New Delhi
      A youth enquired of Swamishri as to what he should do to make his life successful. Swamishri briefly answered by highlighting three principles, “Firstly, one must have faith in God. Secondly, read the shastras and abide by the laws prescribed by God. This means you must stay away from addictions and adultery. Then God will be happy upon you, and God’s blessings will enable you to achieve success. Thirdly, always keep the company of good (virtuous) people. If you have good company in your social affairs, satsang and at work then you will progress in life.”

    To please Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj children, youths and senior devotees perform austerities, pilgrimages or other devotional means. The spiritual endeavors performed by the devotees during Swamishri's visit to the local centers are congratulatory and worthy of recognition. It also reflects Swamishri's divinity for inspiring such spiritual efforts in children, teenagers and devotees.

    23 September 2006, Delhi

    • Darshansingh Sardar pilgrimaged 260 km by foot from Chandigadh to Akshardham. He covered the distance in five days, walking 120 km on the last day. Swamishri blessed him for his effort and faith.