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Listen to the Shlokas: 24 - 27 - 73 - 74 - 75

None of My followers shall break the code of Varnashram Dharma
(special duties according to who you are) and shall never follow any
command taught by false religions. || 24 ||

None shall keep the company of thieves, sinners, addicts, heretics,
the promiscuous and alchemists. || 27 ||

My devotees shall stay away from those acts which are against scriptural
commands, however much rewarding they may be; for,
Dharma alone yields all desired things. || 73 ||

My disciples shall never copy any lowly deed which may
have been performed by great persons of the past.
They should follow their noble deeds only. || 74 ||

My disciples shall not reveal the secrets of others.
Those deserving of merit should be given proper respect.
But in no case should respect be ignored in observing a false show of equality. || 75 ||

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