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Listen to the Shlokas: 147 - 159 - 160 - 163

Except in the strictest emergency, my devotees shall
not remain alone with either their mother, sister,
or young daughter. They shall never give away their wives to anyone. || 136 ||

My disciples shall donate one tenth of their income
the service of Lord Krishna. Those with lesser means shal
donate one-twentieth of their income, either in kind or money. || 147 ||

A female follower shall serve her husband; be he
blind or ill or poor or impotent, just as if she were serving
God and under no circumstances should she speak harshly to him. || 159 ||

She shall not under any circumstance develop
even casual contact with any young, handsome or virtuous man. || 160 ||

A widow shall serve God with the same
loyalty with which she served her husband and shall always
remain under the guidance of her father or son, but shall never behave independently. || 163 ||

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