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11. Only a Servant

Swami Krishnacharandasji and his group resumed their tour after staying in Rajkot for some time. They came to the village of Hajdiyala and stayed at the local mandir. After finishing his chores, Jina Bhagat settled down for a nap with all the sadhus. A short while later a Rajput devotee arrived, who was an expert in astrology. He was elated to see the line of urdhvarekha on Jina's sole. He instantly realized that Jina Bhagat was a very great soul. Jina Bhagat woke up and welcomed the devotee. The devotee immediately exclaimed, "Oh! Jina Bhagat, you will be a great sadhu one day. Thousands of people will follow you... Shriji Maharaj will be your constant companion." But Jina Bhagat at once covered his soles and said, "I am just an ordinary sadhu. Krishnacharandas Swami is a great sadhu." When the Rajput devotee told Krishnacharandasji about the greatness of Jina Bhagat he said, "Yes, he possesses all the qualities that a great sadhu should possess."

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