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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Eternal Servant

Once, under Maharaj’s instructions, Swami stayed at Vartal in the service of some ailing sadhus. He used to cook according to their individual tastes, render service to them and even washed their quilts. Seeing this, some of the healthy sadhus, too, gave their quilts to Swami to wash. In this way the total went up to about eighteen quilts. Once, Swami washed them in the river Gomti and was returning to the mandir carrying them on his shoulders. Water from the quilts and perspiration due to exertion were running down his body. Precisely at that moment, Maharaj arrived at the Hanuman Gate of the mandir after taking lunch at Vasan Suthar’s house. Swami stopped and became engrossed in darshan, looking straight into Maharaj’s eyes. Maharaj, too, tied by the string of Swami’s affection, stood there.
A little while later Maharaj asked, “Sadhuram, can I move now?” Maharaj sought Swami’s permission. So Swami withdrew his gaze. Then Maharaj arrived in the assembly but appeared restless. Seeing his discomfort, some of the attendants began to fan him and somebody brought a glass of water. But Maharaj said, “I don’t want anything, but that sadhu has put a lot of burden on my shoulders. So please take it off.” In this way Maharaj revealed his union with Swami.
On hearing this Bhaguji ran and took off the quilts from the shoulders of Swami and placed them near Maharaj. Maharaj called the owners of the quilts. The ailing sadhus came forward and took their quilts, but the healthy ones felt ashamed and did not come.
Thereafter, Maharaj held an assembly and called Muktanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami and others and asked them, “What type of sadhu is this Gunatitanand Swami?”
“He is a very good sadhu, he knows many kirtans by heart and also delivers discourses. He renders very good service and observes many austerities,” replied the sadgurus.
‘‘These virtues described by you are only his external qualities. But in fact he is a very able sadhu. Just as a snake is caught in pincers he has caught my form in all the three states,” said Maharaj.
One hearing this, the Hindustani sadhu, Mahanubhavanand Swami, rebuked, “Why have you caught Maharaj? Leave him.”
Then Maharaj explained to him, ‘‘He has caught me forever. But that does not make me miserable. However, it is not possible for others to catch my form like he has. This sadhu has been serving me since eternity. It will be only through this sadhu that my supreme worship will be spread in the entire Satsang. Nobody knows my wonderful glory as much as he knows. So is it proper that healthy sadhus should extract work from him?”
In this way, Maharaj explained the glory of Gunatitanand Swami to all the sadgurus.
Before this incident took place, Muktanand Swami used to give prasad to Swami from his eating bowl, but after this incident he understood the glory of Swami and stopped the practice, despite Swami’s insistence to continue.
Once, Swami arrived at Samadhiyala along with Krupanand Swami. Here, Swami instructed Vira Sheladia’s son, Lakshman, to ask one question everyday and Swami used to reply to that question. On one such occasion, while replying to a question by Lakshman, Swami referred to the infinite glory of Maharaj. Swami became engrossed in Maharaj’s murti and subsequently so much light emanated from his body that Lakshman was dazzled. In the midst of the light he saw Maharaj instead of Swami. So he began to touch the holy feet of Maharaj to his chest. Swami asked him, “Lakshman, what are you doing?”
Lakshman replied, “I am touching the holy feet of Maharaj to my chest. This is Maharaj. Where are you, Swami?”
All those present were surprised. When they shook Lakshman and asked him, he narrated his experience in reply. In this way, everyone was convinced about the fact that Maharaj was manifest in Swami.
Swami used to travel extensively in the Sorath region and revealed the true identity of Maharaj. Swami used to say many times, “I and Krupanand Swami have moved from field to field and inspired satsang in everybody. False beliefs or superstitions have never been able to enter at the places where we have moved and spread satsang.”

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