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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Appointment as Mahant of Junagadh

Thereafter, Maharaj arrived in Vartal. Brahmanand Swami had also arrived there from Junagadh. Maharaj gathered all the sadhus and devotees and addressed them, “For each of the mandirs that we have established a mahant should be appointed. This is what I have decided: Aksharanand Swami as the mahant of Vartal mandir, Vaishnavanand Swami as the mahant of Bhuj, Viraktanand Swami as the mahant of Gadhada, Sarvagnanand Swami as the mahant of Amdavad, Adbhutanand Swami as the mahant of Dholera and Aniruddhanand Swami as the mahant of Dholka.” Thereafter, Maharaj instructed Brahmanand Swami, “Build a mandir in Muli and then appoint Tadrupanand Swami as the mahant.”
Brahmanand Swami then cautioned Maharaj, “Please be careful in appointing the mahant of Junagadh since it is a Muslim state, the Nagar officers are followers of Shiv and oppose others, and people of the region are poor and rough.”
Maharaj said, “Fine.”
Maharaj arrived at Gadhada on the occasion of the festival of Chaitra Punam. Swami had come from Junagadh. During a spiritual assembly, Maharaj called Brahmanand Swami and reminded him of the unfinished talk that they had had at Vartal. Maharaj said, “Today I want to appoint the mahant of Junagadh, so call Nirgunanand of Bhadra.”
When Swami came, Maharaj asked him to sit near Muktanand Swami. Then Maharaj stood up and went to him and garlanded Swami with all the garlands he himself was wearing and said, “Now he is the mahant of Junagadh.”
Swami was perplexed and hesitant in accepting the new position. Swami’s close friend, Gopalanand Swami, then advised him, “Maharaj has given the garlands with joy, so keep them.”
Then Maharaj recommended, “Gopalanand Swami will look after your administrative affairs and Akhandanand Brahmachari and Parmanand Swami will also assist you.”
On this occasion, Maharaj gave all his ornaments to Swami and put his own pagh on Swami’s head, and gave his blessings.

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