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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Gunatit Discourses

In the festival assembly at Vartal, Gopalanand Swami and Nityanand Swami let only Swami talk. Whenever Swami discoursed about Maharaj as Purushottam, Gopalanand Swami used to rejoice and say, “Oh! Swami is Aksharbrahma incarnate, so the shastras cannot confine him.”
Whenever Swami talked on renunciation, observance of strict religious rules and other topics by citing references from the Dharmamrut, Nishkam Shuddhi, Shikshapatri, Vachanvidhi, Chosathpadi, and other shastras of the Swaminarayan Sampraday many sadhus were inspired in their renunciation and renounced the six different types of taste. This made Nityanand Swami very happy and he used to say, “Nishkulanand Swami has severed the roots of the five sense pleasures by writing shastras, and Gunatitanand Swami does it by his discourses.”
In this way Swami was considered to be matchless in the entire Satsang for spreading faith in Shriji Maharaj and ekantik dharma in the form of bhakti, gnan, vairagya and swadharma. Everyone could visualize Shriji Maharaj in Swami due to his elevated spiritual state and constant communion with Maharaj.
In the rainy season Nityanand Swami had come to Junagadh to remain in the company of Swami. But Swami made him talk in the assemblies. So once Nityanand Swami told him, “I have come here to listen to your discourses and you are keeping yourself busy with the mandir affairs.”
Swami said, “My discourses are such that they would not suit everyone.”
Nityanand Swami said, “You are a Jogi, so your discourses are suitable for everybody.”
Then Swami replied with the following anecdote: “In my pre-initiation days I had gone to Jodia to buy a pair of bullocks to use on the farm. One old woman had a pair of bullocks. One cost sixty koris and the other only thirty koris. Both the bullocks were white and similar in other respects and yet there was a difference in price. So I enquired about the reason. The old woman replied, ‘The costlier one has been raised in my presence. He would never shirk, however much burden it has to carry, and the less costly one was purchased by me from someone else and therefore I can’t vouchsafe for it.’ I purchased the pair from her. So she bowed to the bullock which she had raised in her presence and requested him, ‘Do not put me to shame.’ Similarly, Shriji Maharaj, without regard for day and night, has explained to us his glory through his discourses. Besides that, he has also blessed us with his darshan and prasad. So now we should try not to shirk from his upasana and moral instructions, and if we do so he would be put to shame.” In this way Swami discoursed about many things and Nityanand Swami was extremely pleased to listen to them.

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