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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Only He Can Change My Words!”

Once Swami told the parshads to go to the hills to cut grass. The parshads got ready with sickles and were ready to leave when Gopalanand Swami met them on the way. He looked at the sky and said, “Clouds have gathered on the Bhensla hill and it will rain heavily. So don’t go for cutting the grass.”
When the parshads were returning to the mandir, Swami met them and enquired about the reason for their return. The parshads talked about the imminent rains, so Swami said, “Thakorji likes cow’s milk only, and if the cows don’t eat green grass how will they give milk? So, go. It won’t rain now. It will rain later.”
The parshads left and returned to the mandir after some time with several bales of grass. Seeing them again, Gopalanand Swami enquired, “Why did you go despite my instructions not to go?” So the parshads told him about the orders of Gunatitanand Swami. On hearing this Gopalanand Swami smiled, shook his head and said, “Oh! This is the work of Jogi. Only he can change my words.” And with these words, as he entered the assembly hall, it began to rain heavily outside.
At Junagadh, Swami tirelessly delivered spiritual discourses. Swami had but a single noble purpose and that was to cultivate faith in everyone regarding the supreme form of Shriji Maharaj. One can become brahmarup only through the company of eternal Brahma. And it is only after becoming brahmarup that one is entitled to worship Purushottam. Swami never allowed a gap in his discourses, since he wanted to make everyone brahmarup. In order to spread Satsang, Swami used to go on extensive excursions in the Sorath region around Junagadh.
Every year he used to go to Vartal to celebrate a festival. On the way, devotees used to come about five kilometres from their village to welcome him. Through Swami, everyone enjoyed the divine pleasure that matched that of the darshan and company of Shriji Maharaj. Sadhus and devotees used to come up to Mahelav to welcome Swami as he approached Vartal. Such was the affection of the entire Satsang for Gunatitanand Swami.

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