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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Swami in Trance

Once, the mahapuja was being performed in the assembly hall. Swami was also present. Suddenly Swami entered into a state of deep meditation. He would not speak to anybody. Occasionally he would mutter, “O King Rahugan, you are ignorant.”
The news of Swami’s state spread far and wide in all directions. As a result, sadhus and devotees began arriving in Junagadh. All of them looked at Swami without blinking.
On the fourth day, after Thakorji was woken up at four o’clock in the afternoon, Swami got up on his own and sat on his seat in the assembly. All those who were present surrounded him. Swami looked at them and said, “At present your minds are all focussed on me, since all of you felt that Swami would abandon his body, so let us have his darshan. If your mind remains focussed forever, you have nothing else left to do for moksha.”
Then, narrating an anecdote he said, “Once upon a time, good clothes were produced in a particular place. The merchants used to send these clothes to other places. Deciding to sell them in a new place, the merchants went there with many bales of clothes. When the merchants reached the place, they found that the local people wore only loin clothes. So nobody bought their clothes. The merchants offered their clothes at half the price, still no one was prepared to buy them. So the merchants packed their bales of clothes and returned. However, one of the merchants thought that these people should be taught to wear clothes first, and then they would buy clothes on their own. So he distributed clothes free of charge. The people learned to wear clothes and eventually began to purchase them also. The merchant’s business also flourished. Similarly, other sadhus had come from Akshardham carrying bales of knowledge about Maharaj’s identity, but they doubted the readiness of the people, and so carried back their bales of knowledge; while I have been imparting the knowledge about Akshar and the supreme identity of Purushottam without discriminating between the worthy and the unworthy. Whether people understand these things or not is a different thing, but they will at least realize that Swami did spread this knowledge.”
After saying this Swami paused for a while, and then continued again, “Today you are looking at me with all your passions and instincts under control. If the same state continues forever, then your base instincts such as doubt, karma, mineness, desire, physical love, ego, etc., will melt away, and your mundane desires will be overcome.” In this way Swami talked on many important topics.
Then, Swami went for the darshan of Thakorji and had his meals. The sadhus and devotees also had their meals after four days of fasting.

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