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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Affection For Devotees

When Swami was at Junagadh, devotees from distant areas used to come there for his darshan. Among them was Mulji Shrotriya, a Brahmin from Akha. He asked Swami about the marriage of his son, Valji. Swami advised him to wait for one year. Mulji was also of the same opinion. But due to the pressure of the bride’s parents, Valji had to marry.
Mulji again came to Junagadh and informed Swami about this. Swami was displeased but advised him, “Do not allow your son to go near the sugarcane crushing machine in your field.”
Mulji went home and took all the precautions and did not allow Valji to go to the sugarcane field. But he happened to go there with his friends just on the day prior to which the crushing machine was to be shut down. At that time his father, Mulji, had gone out for some work, so Valji went near the crusher and put some sugarcane into it. All of a sudden his hand got caught in the crusher and he became unconscious on the spot. He was taken home but he did not survive.
In this way, everyone saw the result of ignoring Swamishri’s commands.
Swami once arrived at the village of Thanagalol. He stopped on the outskirts and called Jasa Bhagat from the village. He prostrated before Swami, expressed his regrets and said, “Gopalanand Swami had instructed me not to leave this village because it is a village on the highway and therefore, I can render services to the travelling sadhus. But, these days, my business has declined.”
On hearing this Swami said, “You don’t come to the festivals and do not donate anything, so this misery has befallen you.” Swami, thereafter, asked him to bring some grains and a piece of coarse cloth from his home.
According to the orders of Swami, Jasa Bhagat brought some grains and a piece of coarse cloth. The sadhus utilized the cloth as a filter and cooked rotla and dal. Swami took his meals under a banyan tree. Thereafter, Swami visited the field of Jasa Bhagat, sanctified it and said, “This land will yield plentiful crops. But donate five percent of what you earn to Thakorji. Follow the commands of Maharaj staunchly and start attending the festivals.” Having said this, Swami proceeded further.
In this way, Swami used to look after the worldly affairs of the devotees and inspire them to follow the rules of dharma. Although the devotees lapsed in their duties during trying circumstances, Swami took care of them very kindly.

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