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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Advice to the Sadhus

Whenever groups of sadhus left on satsang tours as per the instructions of Swami, they were given a word of advice by Swami, “Now that you have become sadhus, you must play your role properly. You should not put your role to shame. Behave according to the traditions laid down in the Satsang by Maharaj. Insist on delivering and listening to spiritual discourses wherever you go. Moreover, act properly so that the devotees are pleased with your actions. Don’t think that you are going to preach to them. You should accept lessons from devotees who have total faith in Maharaj and observe all his moral instructions without any lapses. At present such devotees include Rayo Desai of Kamigadh, Karsan Bambhaniyo of Hamapar, Ram Bhanderi of Chadiya and Velo Sathwaro of Bagasara. All of them are true satsangis. Have their darshan and listen to their discourses.”
Swami gave such sound advice for the smooth interaction between renunciants and householders. Swami had turned ordinary and illiterate householders into such great devotees that even renunciants desired for their darshan. Brahmagnan, which is described in the shastras as difficult to attain, was made easily accessible by Swami to all who kept his company. Swami used to say, “I have taught brahmavidya to two hundred people.”
The following anecdote reveals the secret of this. One day, a devotee asked Swami, “Swami, the sadhus of Junagadh work very hard to render service to the mandir and to spread satsang in the villages. At other places sadhus lack such enthusiasm and zeal.”
Replying to this Swami said, “In every mission the guru has to take a lead; only then the disciples follow him. But if the guru remains inactive and orders his disciples, they will never work with a sense of commitment. Whenever there is a battle the drums beat. declaring, ‘The leader should die, the leader should die’. Thus, the general or the king leads and the rest of the army follows. Similarly, if the guru dedicates himself to the cause of service then the disciples would be inspired to render service.”
These words clearly revealed how much the guru has to exert in order to inspire his disciples. Swami used to say, “If the guru lives hundred percent then the disciples follow suit to some extent.”
Swami used to daily offer pranams to all the sadhus at their respective seats after his daily puja. After that he would deliver spiritual discourses. Only after the discourses were over would he assign duties to all the sadhus – so that their minds did not remain preoccupied with the assigned duty during the discourses. Swami himself would also join in the assignments. After discourses he always used to go to the ailing sadhus and parshads to enquire about their health. He would massage somebody’s feet, or attend to the various types of bodyaches of the ailing and the sick. To some he would give encouragement by talking in a gentle manner. In this way, Swami himself served the ailing sadhus. Swami had developed this huge mandir by his personal efforts. In this way Swami’s ideal life was an example for his devotees, and they progressed as a result of this.

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