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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Made Him Indifferent to Taste

For an aspirant who came into contact with Swami, his fetters of attachment to all the five senses were easily broken. There was a Nagar devotee who was fond of tasty food. He used to quarrel and create tension in the house if the food was not to his liking. He even used to throw away the dish. Members of his family were frustrated by his behaviour and they sent a complaint to Swami about it. This devotee used to pay regular visits to the mandir, but never attended the discourses. One day Swami called him to the assembly. The glance of Gunatitanand Swami fell on an ordinary jiva! The gates of his heart were unlocked. His worldly desires began to disappear as a result of Swami’s talks.
Swami went for his meal after the assembly was over. The Nagar devotee thought that since Swami was the mahant of such a great mandir, he must be having tasty foods for his meal. With this thought in mind he followed Swami to the dining area. The bhandari sadhu served some crumbs in Swami’s dish. The devotee thought, “It must be a sweet dish like churmu and... now Swami will mix sugar with it and pour ghee into it.” But to his surprise some milk-like liquid was poured in it, so he thought it to be dudhpak. Swami could read his mind and so Swami poured some water into it and added salt and cumin powder. The Nagar doubted as to what he believed, and went nearer to have a closer look. Swami said, “Dear brother! We eat these crumbs of rotla and buttermilk.”
The Nagar’s misconception was resolved totally. He was very surprised and introspected, “Oh! The mahant of such a great mandir eats such simple food!” With this thought in mind he went home. His food had become cold; but he consumed it without any fuss. On seeing this, all the members of his family were surprised. From then on, the Nagar devotee overcame his desire for tasty foods.

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